Are Audi A1 cars reliable?

Are Audi A1 cars reliable?

“No major reliability issues and typical Audi safety levels are definitely in the A1’s favour.” The A1 scores well in most reliability surveys with the only issues being reported relating to minor electrical problems. It’s a really safe car and has a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

Is the 2011 Audi A1 a good car?

Like all Audis, the A1 is a class act when viewed from the driver’s seat. The A1 is lively and agile on the road, and feels a bigger car than it actually is. Thanks to an even weight distribution and a relatively sporty setup with an electronic limited slip differential, handling is precise and predictable.

What year did Audi A1 start?

The Audi A1 (internally designated Typ 8X) is a supermini car launched by Audi at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Sales of the initial three-door A1 model started in Germany in August 2010, with the United Kingdom following in November 2010.

Does Audi A1 have a timing belt or chain?

Most of the 1.4 TFSI engines in the A1 do indeed use a timing chain. The exception is the 140hp unit with ‘cylinder on demand’ technology – that one uses a belt.

Does Audi A1 have a timing belt?

How often does an Audi A1 need a Cambelt change?

Audi recommend changing the cam belt after 5 years or 110,000 miles.

How often should an Audi A1 be serviced?

every 12 months
Servicing your Audi A1 In order to keep your A1 running smoothly, we recommend a Full Service at least every 12,000 miles or every 12 months (whichever is soonest).

What is the Audi A1 like to drive?

The Audi A1 Sportback is a posh small car that is comfortable and practical. It’s easy to drive and has a good range of petrol engines but there aren’t any super-economical diesel units.

Does the Audi A1 2012 have a timing belt or chain?

When should the Cambelt be changed on an Audi A1?

When Should Audi A1 timing belt be changed?

five years
Service intervals for the A1 are every 19,000 miles or every two years, while the timing belt needs to be changed after five years or 75,000 miles.

When should the Cambelt be changed on an Audi a1?