Are Kallax and Expedit the same size?

Are Kallax and Expedit the same size?

The 2×2 Kallax is 77cm, which is a whole 5mm taller than the equivalent EXPEDIT. That is half a centimetre of wasted space.

Is Ikea Expedit same as Kallax?

Indeed the term Expedit has become a synonomous part of the language in some regions, a phenomenon known as a proprietary eponym which most brands only dream of. Yet Ikea have decided to discontinue this much beloved icon in exchange for a more or less entirely identical range known as Kallax.

Does Ikea still make Expedit?

IKEA EXPEDIT is discontinued*.

Does Kallax insert fit Expedit?

Although the frame of the unit on the Kallax is a bit smaller and has a sleeker appearance, the internal cubby size is the same as the Expedit. As such, any Expedit product will also fit inside the Kallax.

Does IKEA still make Expedit?

What is comparable to KALLAX?

Alternatives to Ikea’s sold-out Kallax bookcase you can buy…

  • ClosetMaid Cubeicals organizer, $148.
  • Better Homes and Gardens 9-cube organizer storage bookcase, $131 (reduced from $139)
  • Colibrox wood composite 16-cube organizer, $182.
  • Better Homes & Gardens 8-cube storage organizer, $92.

How can I make my Ikea kallax look expensive?

Use door inserts to make your furniture look more expensive and unique while also providing privacy for what’s inside. You can even paint the inserts if you want more color.

What is the difference between Eket and Kallax?

The main difference between the Kallax and the Eket is that the Kallax is a little bigger on each side so the records have more room at the top and it is easier to put them in and get them out of the unit. The Kallax cubes are 16” by 15” so you have a few extra inches on each side.

Why are Billy bookcases out of stock?

But there are lots of reasons why they aren’t as available as customers would like. Maybe they’re too expensive to ship, regularly out of stock, or simply too hard to procure if you don’t live near an IKEA store. The good news is, there are other options if you and Billy can’t make a connection.

Will IKEA’s Expedit bookcases save the planet?

Sales numbers for Expedit aren’t public, but we know that Ikea sells some 41 million similar Billy bookcases a year. If Ikea can cut even a centimeter of wood on each of those products, it will save massively on material costs. It’s also going to help them make good on their claim of sustainability.

Is IKEA getting rid of Expedit?

Ikea recently announced that the popular shelving system is not long for this world, and the internet responded with rage. But there’s a really good reason for Ikea to get rid of Expedit. And in fact, it’s not really going away at all.

How many Expedit bookcases are sold each year?

The thickness of the wide outer edge that makes Expedit so distinctive. It seems like a minuscule change to us, but it’s not. Sales numbers for Expedit aren’t public, but we know that Ikea sells some 41 million similar Billy bookcases a year.

Can I use IKEA smart shelving as a wall unit?

Whether used freestanding, wall-mounted or as room divider, IKEA smart shelving units are always just the beginning in adding practicalconvenience to any space. Try combining whichever storage shelf you choose with drawers, shelves, cabinets or slide-in boxes forsimple storage that adapts to your needs. How to build a shelving unit on a wall?