Can I take the Wonderlic test at home?

Can I take the Wonderlic test at home?

Wonderlic Personnel Test – QuickTest (WPT-Q) The WPT-Q is not proctored and is often taken from home, and is generally used as a precursor to the WPT-R. This means you may be asked to take this from home, and only if you do well, you will be called in to take the WPT-R.

How can I improve my Wonderlic test?

Practicing fractions until you can do them quickly and effectively is a great way to prepare for the test and boost your Wonderlic test score. Remember that sometimes these questions will come in the form of ratio problems, so make sure that you keep that in mind when reviewing the content and preparing.

Is the Wonderlic practice test the same as the actual test?

The test is sometimes called a “quick IQ test” because of the short 12-minute time limit placed on the test. While it is not the same as an IQ test, it does focus on determining overall cognitive abilities in the areas of math, vocabulary, and reasoning.

Can you use a calculator on the online Wonderlic?

Since the Wonderlic test is about 33% math, many test-takers wonder if they can use a calculator. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring one into the test with you. You can, however, use scrap paper. If you struggle with math, the I would recommend our Wonderlic Online Course.

Is 34 a good Wonderlic score?

Read on to learn about how the test is scored, the range of high and low scores, the average score, and where your Wonderlic score rates you on the percentile range of human intelligence….Distribution of Wonderlic percentiles.

Wonderlic Score Percentiles
Wonderlic Score Percentile
33 93
34 95
35 96

Can you fail a Wonderlic test?

What happens if I fail my Wonderlic Test? 99% of the time, if you do not score the minimum required score defined by a company you will not get the job. There are actually times when, after a candidate fails their Wonderlic test, the candidate is told that the interview is over and they can go home.

Can I skip questions on Wonderlic test?

You can skip questions on the Wonderlic test, even on the computerized version. You will have an opportunity to go back to any skipped questions before you submit your answers at the end of the exam. It is important to note that you are not penalized for wrong answers, so you should never leave any answers blank!

Is Wonderlic test hard?

The Wonderlic is challenging because test-takers receive only 12 minutes to complete the exam. According to Wonderlic, Inc., roughly two percent of test-takers finish the test in the time allotted, and the average score is less than 50 percent.

Who has the lowest Wonderlic score?

CB Morris Claiborne – 4 Morris Claiborne recorded the lowest NFL Wonderlic test score ever (tied with former Iowa State RB Darren Davis) in 2012.

Is Wonderlic an IQ test?

While the Wonderlic test is not an IQ test, its results can be charted similarly to common IQ tests like the Stanford-Binet or Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

What happens if you don’t pass Wonderlic test?

Is Wonderlic hard?

What happens if you fail the Wonderlic test?

What was Michael Vick Wonderlic score?

Wonderlic scores for QBs in 2015

Team Starting QB in 2015 Wonderlic Score
Team Starting QB in 2015 Wonderlic Score
Philadelphia Eagles Sam Bradford 36
Pittsburgh Steelers Michael Vick 20
San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers 30

How well could you do on the Wonderlic test?

You don’t have to struggle in hair-yanking ‘trial and error’ WONDERLIC test prep.

  • You do NOT have to give-up your dream career.
  • You can avoid job rejection due to a mediocre test score.
  • You don’t have to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over your working life-time due to not having the advanced degree you need.
  • How to pass Wonderlic?


  • Time is Against You
  • Feel Free to Skip
  • Use Scrap Paper Judiciously
  • Don’t Leave Answers Blank
  • Don’t Look at the Clock Too Frequently
  • Don’t Skim Too Quickly
  • Don’t Waste Your Time Reviewing Algebra or Vocabulary
  • Practice,Practice,Practice
  • Eat&Sleep Properly
  • Where would one take a Wonderlic test?

    Wonderlic tests have to be taken at an approved site given by a proctor. Official score copies will be administered once the test is graded. If the test is being taken for a specific job, the employer will pay the fees for the test. Fees can range from $50 to $200 depending on where the test is taken.

    How to pass the Wonderlic Personality Test?

    Practice. The first tip is to practice as much as you can before the test.

  • Learn. Most employers and organizations that use the Wonderlic to test job candidates are looking for certain aptitudes and cognitive abilities.
  • Guess. The Wonderlic test doesn’t penalize test-takers for wrong answers.
  • Reflect.