Can Thule keys be copied?

Can Thule keys be copied?

Must have lock and key number before ordering. If you are unable to read the number on your Thule lock cylinder, feel free to email us a photo of the lock cylinder. These keys are made from a European blank key and cannot be copied. Replacement keys are not available with black plastic cover.

How many keys come with a Thule bike rack?

Kit comes with 2 keys plus 1 blank key.

What happens if you lose your Thule key?

In case of lost keys and unknown key number, we o er the option to dismount the lock and change the lock cylinder by a new one (delivered with 2 new keys). EN Write down your key number and keep this card in a safe place. In case of lost keys, you need this number to order a spare key.

Are Thule locks universal?

Thule master keys are universal, so use one from another Thule product (if you have one) or borrow one from a friend.

What is the blank key for Thule for?

An extraction key is a blank (uncut) key which can be used to remove the lock core.

How do I find my Thule key code?

The key or lock code can be found in your user manual or listed when you registered the product on our website. You can obtain it by contacting Customer Service.

Can I drill out a Thule lock?

In order to remove the lock core you will just need to continue drilling, working your way up to a larger drill bit until the lock core releases. Once it does you can then use the Thule One-Key System Lock Cylinders part # TH450200 to install a new one which comes with the change key.

How do you open a roof box without a key?

A locksmith would probably be able to open it with a set of jigglers. My rather crude way of dealing with this type of lock is a large flat blade screwdriver with a hex shank for gripping with a spanner. Insert the screwdriver and twist in the normal opening direction.

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How do you unlock Thule?

Unlock the mechanism with the locking key. Insert the locking key (one of the keys with “teeth”) into the slot and make a counterclockwise quarter-turn. The mechanism should unlock — for instance, you’d now be able to remove your ski from the rack.

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