Can we wear Hanuman Yantra?

Can we wear Hanuman Yantra?

✪ Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra is believed to brings blessings with courage, power and success to its worshipper. ✪ It can be wear on daily basis or can be place in pooja room.

Where should Hanuman Yantra be placed at home?

According to Vastu those houses having a door in the south (south-facing door) can display Panchmukhi Hanuman yantra above the door facing outside.

What is Hanuman Yantra?

Hanuman Yantra removes the malefic effects of a black eye. It ensures mental stability and physical strength. The Hanuman Yantra protects you from all the negative forces and impacts of the malefic planets.

What is Maruti Yantra?

Shri Maruti Yantra is connected with Lord Hanuman. This Yantra helps you to overcome from the fear of death, fatal diseases, and grave dangers and encourage you to live in prosperity.

Can we keep yantra at home?

The Vastu yantra is a harmless tool with no bad effects and can be kept in homes, offices, factories or any other place of your liking.

What is Mangal Yantra?

Mangal (Mars )Yantra. This yantra is for general well-being, good fortune & prosperity. It frees the person from debts, protects from accidents, cures diseases and anger/temper, ensures quick recovery from surgeries, etc., delayed marriage because of the position of mars in the chart.

Can Hanuman picture be kept at home?

The picture or statue of Lord Hanuman should NOT be kept in the bedroom. It should be either in the puja area or at South outside but in a sacred place (not in a toilet or bathroom). Lord Hanuman’s picture or statue is excellent to keep off negative energies.

Which side should Hanuman face?

the South
A picture or statue of Hanuman can do wonders but one has to place them as per Vaastu. According to Vaastu, it is best to keep the picture of Lord Hanuman at the South. He should be in the sitting position in red colour. He should face the South for best results.

How do I activate yantra?

Tune into what energy you would like to invoke into your life and choose the Yantra that supports that intention. Place the Yantra on a table or shelf at eye level. In front of the Yantra place a small candle. Light the flame and focus your eyes on the flame for 9 minutes.

How do I activate Yantra?

Can we keep Yantra at home?

Who can keep Mangal yantra?

The ladies or gents who are deprived off the marriage even up to 30 to 40 years due to certain obstacles or married life is full of miseries and difficulties, bickerings, threatened separation or divorce, should worship Mangal Yantra/Mars Yantra to ward off above evils.

What is Jupiter yantra?

Jupiter yantra or Guru yantra may be used to increase strength of Jupiter and gain benefits from it. Hence Jupiter yantra may be used when Jupiter is duly benefic and it may also be used for partly benefic and partly malefic Jupiter in many cases.

What is the significance of Hanuman Yantra?

This Yantra features Hanuman mantras, divine letters and Yantric geometry carrying the spiritual energy of Lord Hanuman. It is a powerful protective Yantra serving as powerful weapon against dark energies such as black magic. It is believed that all negative energies flee the place where puja of Hanuman Yantra is performed. read more…

What is the all new Hanuman Chalisa Yantra?

The All New Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is now 2 x more powerful with not just the inscription of the complete Hanuman Chalisa but also images of the 8 divya swaroop of Lord Hanuman. The inscription of the 8 avatars of the divine Lord Hanuman is great and encapsulates the true magical power of Lord Hanuman.

How many avatars of Lord Hanuman are there?

The inscription of the 8 avatars of the divine Lord Hanuman is great and encapsulates the true magical power of Lord Hanuman. The nano-graphics technology used for the inscription is specially Made-in-European Union using a patented technique.