Can you have cupcakes at a wedding?

Can you have cupcakes at a wedding?

Cupcake wedding cakes are the ideal option if you’re hoping to avoid all that comes with cutting a traditional wedding cake, even eliminating the need for plates and forks. Plus, they’re a fun way to set-up a display that will really make a statement.

How do you serve cupcakes at a wedding?

You can still make a ceremonial cut. Though some brides and grooms purposely serve cupcakes so they don’t have to deal with the spectacle of cutting a wedding cake, if you like the tradition, grab a cupcake and knife and go at it!

What is the most popular cake flavor at weddings?

As a richer alternative to vanilla, chocolate cake also reigns supreme at weddings. The indulgent dessert is often complemented with buttercream, caramel, or raspberry. In fact, Toce says that chocolate cake with raspberry mousse is easily their most requested delicacy.

How many cupcakes should a wedding guest have?

It’s recommended that you order 1.5 standard size cupcakes or 3 mini cupcakes per guest. If you’re having a dessert bar with other treat options in addition to cupcakes, you can size down. Just ensure you have enough desserts so that each guest can have at least 1.5.

How far in advance can you make cupcakes for a wedding?

Make-Ahead Tips

  1. You can bake cupcakes up to two days ahead; arrange them (unfrosted) on a baking sheet, wrap the whole sheet with plastic wrap and store at room temperature. Frost before serving.
  2. To freeze, arrange unfrosted cupcakes on a baking sheet and wrap the whole sheet in plastic wrap, then in foil.

How many cupcakes should I order for my wedding?

We recommend one standard-sized cupcake per guest. If you prefer minis, we suggest two to three minis per guest.

Are cupcakes cheaper than wedding cake?

Less expensive: Cupcakes can be less expensive than the traditional wedding cake. More variety: Wedding cakes are typically one flavor. A wide variety of cupcakes can be available so there’s something for everyone. Guests will have fun choosing their favorites.

How many cupcakes should you have at your wedding?

What type of cake is best for wedding cake?

Vanilla. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, classic vanilla cake is a go-to option for many brides and grooms. The deliciously simple flavour works well with nearly any type of frosting and filling.

What is the wedding cake flavor?

Traditional Wedding Cake Flavors Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream is also incredibly popular though a lot of couples reserve chocolate cake for the groom’s cake if they want a chocolate frosting. The third most popular traditional wedding cake flavor is red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

How many cupcakes do you need for a wedding?