Can you tune a 4 string bass to Drop C?

Can you tune a 4 string bass to Drop C?

Your bass can be tuned to drop C by tuning the strings to CGCF for 4-string basses, and CGCFA for 5-string basses. This can be done with the help of a physical or an online tuner, or by ear using a different instrument. To make things easy for you, I made a Drop C tuner.

Can you tune a 4 string bass to drop a?

A bass tuned to drop A is the same as a bass tuned to B standard with the heaviest string tuned down a whole step to A. For 4-string basses this results in an A-E-A-D tuning, Drop A tuning for a 5-string bass has the strings tuned to A-E-A-D-G.

How do you add bass to Drop C?

Drop C Tuning (C-G-C-F) on Bass Step-by-Step:

  1. Get a tuner and set it to Bass mode.
  2. Press Flat Button (Semitones) four times.
  3. Tune E string to E Flat Flat Flat Flat (which is equivalent to C)
  4. Tune A string to Standard G tuning.
  5. Tune D string to E Flat Flat Flat Flat i.e. C.

Can you use standard strings for Drop C?

Your strings for Drop C are going to be much different than the ones that you use for standard. They definitely need to be a heavier gauge to compensate since you’re going down. Lighter gauges used for standard tuning will probably be pretty floppy.

How many octaves down is drop C?

one octave
Six full steps (one octave) down from Drop C. Standard tuning but with the 6th string lowered one and a half steps. Used by Sevendust tuned one and a half-step down (which goes as: A#-F#-B-E-G#-C#) on some songs from Home through Alpha. Standard tuning but with the 6th string lowered two whole steps.

What tuning does Fieldy use?

He uses Ibanez K5 and custom Ibanez K15 basses. The K5 is generally tuned ADGCF.

How many octaves down is Drop C?

How do you play Drop C?

To tune your guitar in Drop C, start by tuning all six strings down a whole step or two frets in pitch. You tune the low E down to D, the A string down to G, D down to C, G down to F, B down to A, then high E down to D. This gives you D standard tuning. Now to change to Drop C, you lower the low D string down to C.

What strings should I use for drop C?

052 gauge might not seem like it, but drop C is a breeze for these strings. Their lighter gauge also means that they are much more comfortable to play than heavier strings. This is all without losing much in terms of low-end.

What tuning is Korn in?

Yup, with few exceptions, they pretty much exclusively use ADGCFAD tuning since their self-titled debut.