Can you visit the Gherkin in London?

Can you visit the Gherkin in London?

Can you go inside The Gherkin? The Gherkin isn’t normally open to the public but you can visit Helix restaurant and Iris bar, which are located on the top floors and have amazing panoramic views across the City of London. You can also can step inside the iconic building during special events such as Open House London.

What happens in the Gherkin London?

Today, the Gherkin is primarily an office building. It is the headquarters of many large companies including Swiss Re and some of the offices of Sky News. Some very popular television shows and radio shows are filmed here or near this building today.

What is at the top of the Gherkin?

Dine overlooking unrivalled panoramic views from the top of one of London’s most iconic skyscrapers. Perched high above the City, London’s original sky-high Helix Restaurant and Iris Bar at The Gherkin are led by the very best seasonal and local produce.

Is the Gherkin worth visiting?

The staff were fantastic and the meal was exquisite a fabulous experience for our first trip out in 2 years. Thank you to all the staff at the Gherkin who made our visit a brilliant and memorable one. Also just outside the Gherkin is a really lovely cocktails bar and it is definitely worth a visit or two.

How much does the Gherkin cost?

30 St Mary Axe
Opened 28 April 2004
Cost £138 million (plus land cost of £90.6 million) adjusted for inflation: £243 million (plus land cost of £170 million)
Owner Safra Group

Why is the Gherkin so special?

They are known for their innovative approach to design that stands out particularly well against the more conservative nature of most of London’s buildings. The Gherkin is essentially an elongated, curved, shaft with a rounded end that is reminiscent of a stretched egg.

Why is it called the Gherkin?

Officially named 30 St. Mary Axe, the building has become known by its more popular moniker, “The Gherkin” because of its supposed resemblance to that particular food. On the top floor – the 40th, in fact – there is a bar for workers and their guests, providing a panoramic view of London.

Is there a dress code for the Gherkin?

Searcys at The Gherkin requires all guest names prior to your reservation time. What is the dress code? Casual elegance. We welcome and encourage style, however, we kindly ask that guests refrain from wearing shorts, flip flops and sportswear.

Can you have a drink at the Gherkin?

It may end up being the forgotten child of the City of London in 2026, but for now, the Gherkin still has a few tricks up its sleeve. For sitting at the top of London’s favourite vegetable-shaped skyscraper is a panoramic cocktail bar and restaurant, offering to-die-for views over the city.

Who owns the Gherkin in London?

Safra Group30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) / Owner

How old is the Gherkin in London?

1830 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) / Age (c. 2004)

What should I wear to afternoon tea?

Generally, the attire requested for guests to adhere to for afternoon tea is “smart casual,” which falls somewhere between business casual and casual. This will usually mean no trainers, t-shirts, shorts or sportswear. And gentlemen will typically be asked to wear a collared shirt.

Who owns The Gherkin?