Do diamonds still come from Sierra Leone?

Do diamonds still come from Sierra Leone?

Diamond mining remains one of Sierra Leone’s most lucrative export industries, with annual production of up to US$250m. But due to poor governance and widespread corruption, only a fraction of this wealth returns to the areas where diamonds are mined.

Is there diamond in Sierra Leone?

Diamonds are found in about a quarter of Sierra Leone in the south-east and east of the country, with the diamond fields cover 7,700 square miles. The main production areas are concentrated around the drainage areas of rivers in the Kono, Kenema and Bo Districts.

Does Sierra Leone export diamonds?

Exports In 2020, Sierra Leone exported $66.4M in Diamonds, making it the 28th largest exporter of Diamonds in the world.

How much diamonds does Sierra Leone have?

In 2020, Sierra Leone’s diamond production amounted to some 600 thousand carats. This was a decrease of 25 percent compared to the previous year. The country is among the world’s largest diamond producers by volume.

Are diamonds cheap in Sierra Leone?

The next thing for the investor is to understand is that: THERE ARE NO CHEAP DIAMONDS IN SIERRA LEONE AND NO FREE LUNCH.

Who owns Sierra Leone diamonds?

Ibrahim Turay
Koidu Limited

Type Private company
Founded 2003
Headquarters Freetown, Sierra Leone
Key people Ibrahim Turay
Products Diamonds

Why are diamonds found in Sierra Leone?

For most Sierra Leoneans, diamonds have been more of a curse than a blessing. An estimated 9 million carats of high-quality diamonds have been extracted from the small West African nation since rich alluvial deposits were first found by British colonialists in the 1930s, but the country has little to show for it.

How much is a 1 carat diamond in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone Diamond Price Today

Weight Diamond Price Date
1 Carat SLL 8,172,892.02 13-06-2022
0.5 Carat SLL 4,086,446.01 13-06-2022
0.75 Carat SLL 6,129,669.02 13-06-2022
0.25 Carat SLL 2,043,223.01 13-06-2022

Why are Sierra Leone diamonds special?

How do real diamonds shine?

The way that diamonds reflect light is unique: the inside of a real diamond should sparkle gray and white while the outside should reflect a rainbow of colors onto other surfaces. A fake diamond, on the other hand, will have rainbow colors that you can see inside the diamond as well.