Do you think that legal restrictions on social media is necessary?

Do you think that legal restrictions on social media is necessary?

While some measure of regulation has been recognised as necessary for the protection of citizens. Social Media users should observe the same real world courtesies online as is legally necessary offline. Most countries have in place some form of content regulation mostly for protection against obscenity.

How do you write a legal statement of issues?

Issue statements (sometimes referred to as Questions Presented) should:

  1. Be a single sentence.
  2. Be a question that can be answered “yes” or “no”
  3. State the legal issue that you will analyze.
  4. State the names of the parties.
  5. Include enough facts to provide necessary context to the reader.

Why social media should be restricted?

Age restrictions on social media platforms are in place to keep kids safe. When young kids falsify their age and use social media, they are often too young to understand the implications of their posts or effectively handle dangerous situations, and cannot be protected by laws directed at the safety of youth online.

Why is Netflix a monopoly?

It is determined by the amount of market share taken up by a company. Netflix in this case, takes up enough market share relative to other companies for it to be classified as a monopoly.

How do you write a legal statement of facts?

Include the date of the legal statement; the topic of the statement; the date(s) of the topic to be discussed; the basic facts involved in the reasoning for the statement; the identities of all pertinent parties; their connections to the case; and if possible, the signatures of the parties.

Is Amazon a natural monopoly?

Companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon have built natural monopolies for various online services due in large part to first-mover advantages, network effects, and natural economies of scale involved with handling large quantities of data and information.

Is Verizon a monopoly?

BTW Verizon is NOT a monopoly. They have plenty of competition. Verizon IS a monopoly in my location. That is a fact that has been established by visitors who have any other carrier.