Does Chris Brown have a tattoo of Rihanna on his neck?

Does Chris Brown have a tattoo of Rihanna on his neck?

Credit: Jeff R. Bottari/Getty Images. Chris Brown’s new neck ink may bear some resemblance to photos of his ex-girlfriend after his 2009 attack on her, but a rep for Brown confirmed to that the tattoo is not of Rihanna.

Why does Chris Brown have a tattoo of Rihanna?

UPDATE: Chris Brown’s new tattoo is not an image of Rihanna or an abused woman, his publicist told EW. It’s a MAC cosmetics design of a skull associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead. Tattoo artist Peter Koskela said Brown brought him the design, below, to convert into a tattoo.

What does Rihanna tattoo on her neck say?

Rebelle Fleur
‘Rebelle Fleur” on her neck. However, RiRi cleared this up with her tattoo artist Bang Bang, saying: “Rebelle Fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebelious flower, its 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first!”

When did Chris Brown get the neck tattoo?

Chris got the neck tattoo on June 29, 2012, just two days before he was scheduled to perform live at the BET Awards. Never one to shy away from public attention, Breezy’s neck tattoo was re-posted on Twitter by the R&B star, sharing with all his followers the five-hour-long process that he apparently slept through.

Why did Rihanna get a henna tattoo?

The inspiration was henna art, we wanted something really decorative, feminine and sexy. We thought that was the closest in style where we could shift and make it look decorative.” He continued, “She had something preexisting on her hand.

What does the Shhh tattoo mean?

The premise is that the tattoo will be revealed when you hold your finger to your lips to shush someone. Artist Bang Bang shared a picture of the tattoo in 2015 and wrote: The “Shhh” tattoo is many years old- done in one shot, no touch up needed.

Why did Rihanna cover up her hand tattoo?

Rihanna has covered up her tribal tattoo According to Keith, Rihanna ‘flipped out’ when she saw the design as she ‘absolutely loved it, loved it!’

Did Rihanna cover her shark tattoo?

The singer appears to have covered up her and Drake’s matching shark tattoo. Fans noticed this week, after Rihanna stepped out in New York City, that her camo-print ink that was on her left ankle had been replaced with an intricate crown.

What do the 3 dots on Beyonce’s finger mean?

Beyoncé has a tattoo of three little dots on her left ring finger which represent her three children. The color difference is subtle, but the middle dot is in blue ink because it symbolizes she and Jay-Z’s first child Blue Ivy Carter who was born on January 7, 2012.

What is Rihanna’s Roman numeral tattoo?

Rihanna: Rihanna is known for her penchant for body art. The Umbrella hitmaker has several tattoos on her neck, her hands and even her fingers. Her Roman numeral tattoo — which reads XI IV LXXXVI — however, is on her left shoulder, which signifies the date 4.11. 1986.

Why did Beyoncé remove her tattoo?

When she was 21, Bey had an angel she painted herself tattooed on her left hip, which likely symbolized her religious faith. Though the ink was Beyoncé’s own work of art, she immediately regretted her decision and started the process of removing it right away. RELATED: Has Beyoncé Ever Had Plastic Surgery?