Does Cobb Accessport work with any car?

Does Cobb Accessport work with any car?

Installed State If “Install” is an option, this Accessport is ready to work on another compatible vehicle. If “Uninstall” is an option, this Accessport will not work on your vehicle until it is uninstalled from the previous vehicle or sent to COBB to be re-licensed.

What does Cobb Access Port do?

The Cobb AccessPORT is the world’s most flexible and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Subaru. The AccessPORT allows you to replace conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations to unlock free power hidden within your ECU. This is the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.

Are Cobb AccessPorts Vin locked?

Cobb tunes are locked to the AccessPort by S/N. AccessPorts are locked to the cars they have a tune installed on. You can trade APs with tunes, but only one car can remained tuned at a time and you must use a Focus ST AccessPort.

What cars can have a Cobb Accessport?


  • BMW 135. View.
  • SUBARU STI. View.
  • FORD F-150. View.
  • NISSAN GT-R. View.
  • SUBARU WRX. View.

Will my Accessport drain my battery?

The accessport left on overnight will not drain a healthy battery. The amount of energy the LCD consumes is way too small. Ive had mine not power off and stay on overnight at least once every 2 weeks for the last 2 years. Never once did my car not start in the morning.

Do you need a tune with Cobb Accessport?

A: A catback would not require a tune, and depending on the intake, some do not require a tune. The Cobb OTS maps are designed for Cobb parts.

Do you need an access port for a pro tune?

Having the AP is a great convenience to you and your tuner, but is not required. Tuners can open source tune using ROM Raider. If you don’t have an AP, you’d need to have ROM Raider to swap maps if you were going to. Having the AP, you can swap Stock, Stage 1, Stage 2, Custom Open Source Tune map, and others.

Will a Catback void warranty?

What about a cat back exhaust system? Since most high quality systems, at least those systems that are 50 state legal, are installed behind the catalytic converters, there should be no warranty concerns to other components, even emissions components.

Is there a way to Unmarry Cobb Accessport without car?

Registered. Cobb can unmarry your accessport for about $300, you need to ship the accessport back and they will reset the AP so it can be married to another car. However, this leaves a car with a “locked” ECU that cannot be read out by or re-written SSM or ECUflash.

How much does it cost to Unmarry Cobb?

Cobb can unmarry an AP for $325, so add that to what people charge for used married APs and there isn’t usually much value there. Married Cobbs are sold by people who forget to unmarry them before selling, or total the car or don’t want to lose the map on the car when selling it, or selling the AP.

Can you sell a married Cobb Accessport?

Registered. if it’s married,u can’t use it on your car. simply,the guy selling his used ap will have to unmarry his ap from his car through the ap.

Can I just unplug my Accessport?

The Accessport does not need to be plugged into the vehicle for the calibration to be in effect. You can disconnect the Accessport at this time or leave it plugged in to use any of the many features outlined below. Please note that the Accessport is designed to work with only one vehicle at a time.