Does Harley Davidson still make the Rocker?

Does Harley Davidson still make the Rocker?

Back in 2008, Harley-Davidson added to its lineup of motorcycles the Rocker, a Softail that, for one reason or another, was discontinued just three years later. While in production though, the model managed to create a solid fan base, one that continues to look for interesting examples of the breed ever since.

What is media Rocker C?

The Rocker C is a long and low power cruiser, with a tank that has been stretched and fork tubes that have been kicked out an extra 6 degrees compared with Harley’s other Softail models. Most significant, the fender has been pressed toward the fat 240-millimeter rear tire, with only a knuckle’s distance to spare.

Why buy a rocker C seat for your Harley-Davidson?

Your new Harley-Davidson Rocker C seat will also be the perfect accent to your bike’s good looks. We have all the right styles, whether you ride solo or with a passenger. Every Harley Rocker seat at is carefully stitched by trained craftsmen at famous brands like Saddlemen, Mustang, Le Pera, Drag Specialties, J&P Cycles, and more.

What does a Harley-Davidson rocker C look like?

There is plenty to be said for the Harley-Davidson Rocker C’s appearance, from 37-degree raked front end to the tire-hugging rear fender. There are definitely a couple of sleights of hands with the Rocker C.

Is the 2011 Harley Davidson rocker C a good bike?

The 2011 Harley-Davidson Rocker C is a great bike, as long as you know its place. Keep it on the urban streets where people can appreciate it and you can enjoy the best aspects of its handling, suspension, and power delivery. Sure, you can take it out of its element for short bursts, but it will register its disappointment in you.

What makes the rocker C Twin Cam 96B so good?

Usually, the motor catches the eye of on-lookers, but in the case of the Rocker C, the Twin Cam 96B is relegated to simply being a fantastic performer. Gobs of torque ooze from every pore of the 1584cc air-cooled, pushrod wonder.