Does seisa like Eruna?

Does seisa like Eruna?

Eruna Ichinomiya Seisa is interested in Eruna, but not in a romantic way. She sees Eruna as an interesting girl whom she guesses to have ‘something’, so that’s why she seems eager to see how Eruna develops in the Academy and is also willing to talk to her about her past.

Is Mikagura School Suite A Yuri?

Eruna Ichinomiya is the protagonist of the yuri series Mikagura School Suite. She’s a freshman who just joined Mikagura Academy. In the fifth novel, she made her own club, named After School Paradise Club and became the representative of it.

What is Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku?

Based on the popular song series, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku follows Eruna as she explores the various clubs in school and assists the members with their troubled lives, all of whom are also vying for the top spot in school. No background information has been added to this title.

Is there a Mikagura School Suite light novel?

Representative of the Broadcast Club. Mikagura School Suite is a light novel series written by Last Note, with illustrations by Akina. Media Factory published eight volumes from July 25, 2013 to August 25, 2016. A manga adaptation by Sayuki was serialized in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Gene magazine between the August 2013 and March 2016 issues.

Why does Mikagura high school have a club?

Since Mikagura High School happens to have the cutest uniforms around, she decides to enroll in this prestigious high school known for its cultural clubs. However, she does not realize that joining a club is mandatory, and representatives from each club must battle for a ranking. Based on these rankings, club members are awarded housing and food.

Is Seisa Mikagura related to Eruna?

Seisa is a descendant of the original Mikagura. Like Eruna, Otone is a first-year student who eventually becomes a member of Eruna’s club. She puts up a cold front towards others, but is often secretly lonely and bad at opening up to people, often living in a small house in the woods.