How accurate is ETS Powerprep?

How accurate is ETS Powerprep?

On the verbal section, nearly two-third (almost 70 students) of these scored within 2 points on their actual GRE versus the power prep mocks – so we can safely say that the difficulty level and the scores of the power prep verbal sections accurately reflects the level of the actual GRE.

Does Powerprep plus grade essays?

powerprep plus 1 It even grades your essays (the e-rater score…not the human one).

Can I do well on the GRE without studying?

In addition, you’ll discover what students can do to increase their chances of earning an impressive score on the GRE without studying obsessively. A student who sits down to take the GRE without studying is likely to have a passing familiarity with a lot of the topics they encounter on the test.

Is GRE harder than Powerprep?

Nope. It is slightly more difficult than actual gre. However you’ll still get actual score somewhere near to the score you’ve got in power prep 2. Having said that, typically your score will lie in between your corresponding scores in powerprep I and powerprep II.

Is Powerprep 1 accurate?

But speaking generally, it is very close to the scores that you keep in the PowerPrep tests. I scored 326 and 329 if I remember correctly in my PowerPrep tests and I scored 329 in my final exam. Many of my friends had the same experience. One of my friend score 330 and 334 in his tests and got 333 in his final test.

How do I test my Powerprep?

Go to the Shop for Test Preparation section of your ETS Account. Add a POWERPREP practice test(s) to your cart and select “Next” to checkout. Once you have completed the checkout process, your POWERPREP practice test(s) will be added to the My Test Preparation and Services section of your ETS Account.

What is GRE Powerprep?

POWERPREP ® Test Preview Tool. Contains information to help familiarize you with the question types, test features and help tools that are available during the actual GRE General Test. This free tool can be found in the “My Test Preparation and Services” section of your ETS Account.