How big touhou lossless music collection?

How big touhou lossless music collection?

It’s split into three torrents: One for just the music (1.65TB in size), one for Album Scans (76.5GB in size), and another for extras like lyrics, bundled item scans, and other misc. extras (24.2GB in size).

Where can I find Touhou music?

Resources for Finding Touhou Music

  • Google.
  • The Video Game Music Database.
  • Touhou Wiki.
  • Touhou Lossless Collection / Lossy Collection.
  • Kuukunen.
  • dōjin co.
  • DoujinStyle / Downloads Forum.
  • Touhou Records.

How many Touhou songs are there?

44421 tracks
Torrent. Music source: ⁠Touhou lossy music collection v. 15.2 (derived from the ⁠Touhou lossless music collection collection), 265.2GB of 44421 tracks from 4952 albums produced by <1,264 groups or “circles”.

How many Touhou remixes are there?

To put the sheer number of remix CDs in perspective, there is a torrent which weighs over one terabyte (specifically 1.8 TB or 1,817,738,246,162 bytes) of over 3000 Touhou remixes, and that only includes the ones that the (English-speaking) maintainers of the torrent have added.

Is Touhou music on Spotify?

As you may (or may not!) have heard, Touhou music is now on Spotify! Including arranges and ZUNs CDs!

Is Touhou music free to use?

Touhou is, iirc, basically completely public domain. It’s a gigantic, bizarre diaspora fueled entirely by dedicated fans. Everybody who thinks that copyright is required should see the success of 2hu.

Why Touhou music is good?

The music of Touhou Project almost feels like the most important part of the series. ZUN creates the song first, and then accompanies it with a battle to match. It’s how each battle feels perfectly in sync with each aspect. It’s also one of the parts that fans of the series have latched onto the most.

Is UN Owen her?

Owen was her? (U.N. オーエンは彼女なのか? U.N. Ooen wa kanojo na no ka?) is a theme song composed by ZUN for the sixth Touhou Project game Embodiment of Scarlet Devil that’s associated to Flandre Scarlet.

Is Touhou music royalty free?

Are Touhou songs copyrighted?

Can you sell Touhou Fangames?

You can only physically sell your work in one of the Doujin and Touhou affliated stores in Japan only! (Example: Melon Books, Comic Toranoana) No, you cannot sell your work digitally anywhere, not even in Japan.

Are Touhou remixes copyrighted?

ShareAlike—If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

Who made the music for Touhou?

ZUN (太田順也, romanized Jun’ya Ota) is the sole known member of Team Shanghai Alice, and is the designer, programmer, script writer, and composer of the extremely popular Touhou Project series.

Is Touhou a fanmade?

These non-gameplay elements of the franchise take up so much cultural space because of the overwhelming amount of fanmade Touhou media, from fangames to comics to remixes of the soundtrack.

What is a Zunpet?

The Zunpet is a craftable Hardmode Bard weapon. It fires out a rainbow star projectile that can pierce through multiple enemies. Successfully damaging enemies with the star builds up “energy”, indicated by the Zunpet Energy buff, which increases the power of the weapon.