How can I send parcel by railway?

How can I send parcel by railway?

Here is the Step by Step Procedure for Railway Parcel Booking:

  1. Step 1: Pack the Parcel Properly.
  2. Step 2: Book the Parcel & Collect the Railway Parcel Booking Charges Receipt.
  3. Step 3: Tracking of the Parcels Sent Through Indian Railways.
  4. Step 4: Collection of Railway Parcels.

What is railway parcel?

There are two options to transport a two wheeler by train. The two wheeler can be booked as luggage if you are travelling by the same train. If you are not travelling by same train, the two wheeler can be booked as parcel.

How much kg we can take in train?

in First AC, 50 Kgs. in First Class/AC-2 tier, 40 Kgs….

Class Maximum Limit
1st AC 150 kgs
First class/AC-2 tier 100 kgs
AC 3 tier/ AC Chair Car 40 kgs
Sleeper Class 80 kgs

How do railways calculate parcel charges?

Parcels will be charged either by actual weight or by weight derived on volumetric basis, whichever is higher. For this purpose, each 28.00 cubic decimeters of volume, or its fraction, will be computed as equivalent to 4.00 kilograms. permissible provided its weight on volumetric basis does not exceed 100 kilograms.

How many railway stations are there in India for Parcel booking?

As of now, parcel booking/delivery is allowed at around 750 stations over Indian railways. Booking/delivery of parcel from these stations can be done in those passenger trains which have a scheduled stop of at least 05 minutes at that particular station.

What is parcel parcels?

Parcels consist of small packages which are carried mainly by passenger carrying trains on Indian Railways (IR). We, the Indian Railways, are the backbone of logistics sector of the country.

What are the Packing conditions for shipping by rail?

All parcels must be securely packed in boxes, trunks, strong baskets or strong gunny, etc., so as to withstand the strain of handling and transferring incidental to their transportation by rail. For certain commodities special packing conditions have been prescribed in the I. R. C. A. Coaching Tariff.

How do I check the arrival details of a parcel?

Parcel arrival details can be checked through the running status of the train through which the parcel has been loaded. Q7) Is there any time limit within which the parcel has to be collected? Yes, there is a time limit specified within which the consignee has to collect parcel so as to avoid paying wharfage charges.