How do I convince Veronica to leave the brotherhood?

How do I convince Veronica to leave the brotherhood?

If Veronica decided to stay in the Brotherhood, the paladins are not so easily dissuaded. The only solutions are: Pass a 95 Speech check to get them to leave peacefully (this rewards no XP).

How do you ally BoS and NCR?

Positive reputation with the Brotherhood If Still in the Dark has been completed, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce. Return to Colonel Moore and speak to her about the offered truce.

Does Veronica get mad if you destroy the brotherhood?

Veronica will leave if your BoS reputation falls below a certain value. Destroying the BoS will give you a massive reputation hit, so you will most likely fall below the reputation required for keeping Veronica. At least the NCR quests you can do without having to kill the Brotherhood, as far as I remember.

How do I get idolized by BoS?

Complete the mission they give you (for Hardin it’s to kill the Van Graffs, for McNamara it’s to tap into the radar at Black Mountain), and you will get “idolized”. It may be that you need to complete Veronica’s mission as well, and get her to stay with the BOS.

Can you become a king in Fallout New Vegas?

The many factions of the Wasteland are split into two groups. Minor factions are those of which you can become an honorary member, like the Kings.

Can you be idolized by the Brotherhood of Steel?

Yes it is possible to be idolized by the BOS. After completing the first quest involving the air filtration system, and the missing laser pistol, ask either McNamara or Hardin about joining the Brotherhood.

Can you join the BOS in Fallout New Vegas?

They can be found in the Hidden Valley along with their spectacular power armor! There are two paths you can take to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout: New Vegas. However, you must complete the quest “Still in the Dark” in order to start either quest.

Can the BoS side with Yes Man?

Although the Brotherhood of Steel will not side with the Courier and Yes Man, one has three solutions: Destroy Hidden Valley.

What brain should I put in Rex?

Choosing to implant Rey’s brain will give Rex the perk Faithful Protector, increasing his attack damage (+25 damage).

What is Honest Hearts Fallout New Vegas?

Playstation 3. Honest Hearts is the second add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. Plot. After the First Battle of Hoover Dam, Caesar sent Ulysses to the Great Salt Lake to rally the White Legs to destroy New Canaan. With his help, the White Legs found a large supply of weapons.

What are the quests in Fallout New Vegas named after songs?

Many of the side and main quests in Fallout: New Vegas are named after popular songs of famous 1950s singers, such as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Fallout: New Vegas quest IDs lists the quest IDs that can be used in the PC version’s console.

What are the quest IDs for Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout: New Vegas quest IDs lists the quest IDs that can be used in the PC version’s console. Ain’t That a Kick in the Head · Back in the Saddle · By a Campfire on the Trail · They Went That-a-Way · Ring-a-Ding-Ding!

How much XP do you get on Fallout New Vegas quests?

The total XP split between the main storyline quests is approximately 3000 XP at levels 1-4 and 22000 XP at levels 45-50, the secondary quest XP ranges from 75 XP per quest to 550 XP per quest. This section is transcluded from Fallout: New Vegas quests. To change it, please edit the transcluded page.