How do I get a job at American Airlines?

How do I get a job at American Airlines?

How to Apply for a Job at American Airlines

  1. Job Application. To get a job at AA, interested parties must apply through the official website.
  2. The Assessment.
  3. Interviews.
  4. Training.
  5. Acceptance.

Is American Airlines a good company to work for?

It’s a great company Working at American Airlines was a great experience. The culture, management coworkers are great and professional. You have an opportunity to grow in the company.

Does American Airlines pay weekly?

Yes , it’s biweekly!

What is American Airlines minimum wage?

American Airlines Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Flight Attendant Range:$19 – $70 Average:$38
Aircraft Maintenance Technician Range:$24 – $58 Average:$36
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Range:$11 – $22 Average:$15
Aircraft and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic Range:$19 – $47 Average:$30

What are the shifts at American Airlines?

3 – 8 hour shifts. Normal for any company.

Do American airline employees get hotel discounts?

Employees at American Airlines can fly for free and receive discounts for hotels and car rentals.

How long does it take to get hired by American Airlines?

The whole hiring process offered by American Airlines usually last for several weeks, and after the interview, it takes about ten to fifteen days before you can get a response from them. Sometimes, hiring managers don’t recruit an applicant immediately, probably due to their performance at the interview.

Do airlines pay well?

Airline jobs tend to be fairly high-paying. The median annual wage for an employee in the air transportation industry was $60,550, well above the overall median wage of $38,640.

Do all American Airlines employees get free flights?

Qualified American Airlines employees are allowed to fly for free, along with their registered guests and companions. Retirees who pass the “65-point plan” (a minimum of 10 years of active service, and the retiree’s age plus years of service must equal or exceed 65) also qualify for “non-revenue” travel.

What careers do American Airlines offer?


  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Other Benefits
  • Longterm Disability Insurance
  • Dependent Care Spending Account
  • Healthcare Spending Account
  • Adoption Assistance Reimbursement Benefit
  • Child and Elder Care Resource and Referral Program
  • How many seats are in the American Airlines Center?

    10 Cessna 172S

  • 2 Cessna Citation Mustang
  • 2 Diamond DA-42 NG
  • How do I get a human at American Airlines?

    With the American Airlines customer care number customer gets all relevant facts related to the booking process

  • It is less time consuming&customer receives all information
  • Through call service,you can get your reservation for your trip
  • Via helpline number service,you can upgrade your reservation too
  • What are good airline jobs?

    Southwest Rapid Rewards. Southwest has hit the frequent flyer program trifecta.

  • JetBlue TrueBlue. While Southwest is focused primarily on the West Coast of the U.S.,JetBlue has several hubs on the East Coast,making it especially ideal for those who fly
  • Delta SkyMiles.
  • Alaska Mileage Plan.
  • Air France/KLM FlyingBlue.
  • Avios.
  • The bottom line.