How do I get an eLicenser activation code?

How do I get an eLicenser activation code?

Newly purchased Steinberg software always comes with an Activation Code – online by email or inside the product box. The corresponding license can be downloaded to activate an installation by entering the Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center. In general, Activation Codes can only be used once.

How do I activate the soft eLicenser?

Register your USB eLicenser activation key

  1. Connect the USB eLicenser to your computer, then launch eLicenser Control Center.
  2. Click Registration, hover over the USB eLicenser, then click Copy Serial Number.
  3. Go to the manufacturer’s eLicenser registration page, paste the serial number, and then click the Register button.

Where is Cubase download code?

If you’ve purchased software as a download online, the Download Access Code has been provided by email. If your Steinberg software is delivered in a box or is part of a hardware bundle, the Download Access Code is usually printed on an included card – the ‘Essential Product License Information’.

Do I need a USB-eLicenser for Cubase?

The USB-eLicenser is a copy protection device which is required by many Steinberg products. With the full versions of the Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab host applications, the USB-eLicenser is usually included in the product package.

How do I fix soft-eLicenser deactivated?

In case the Soft-eLicenser has been deactivated (red font in eLicenser Control Center), please follow these steps:

  1. Close all programs.
  2. Download and install the latest eLicenser Control Center.
  3. Run the eLicenser Control Center (Windows: Programs, Mac: Applications).

Can Cubase work without eLicenser?

You cannot activate a Cubase Pro licence without a USB eLicenser.

Why is my eLicenser not working?

If the USB-eLicenser still is not recognized or in case the installation fails, please reinstall the eLicenser Control Center thoroughly, following these steps: Unplug the USB-eLicenser. Restart your computer. Uninstall the eLicenser Control Center.

How do I remove license from eLicenser?

On the Help page, it is stated: “To remove a license that you do not need and don’t want to remain on your eLicenser anymore, please click the respective license’s “Remove License” button (in the “Licenses” list). An Internet connection is required to complete the process. Please follow the onscreen instructions.”

Do you need USB eLicenser for Cubase trial?

For Cubase Pro Trial, you need the USB-eLicenser. Cubase Elements Trial license is stored on the Soft-eLicenser and you don’t need the USB- one.

Can I use Cubase without USB-eLicenser?

What’s more, customers have had to buy a USB-eLicenser before trying out the Cubase Pro demo. With the new Steinberg Licensing system, you’ll be able to activate a single-user license on two computers (your studio machine and laptop, for example) and you’ll no longer need a USB dongle.