How do I get rid of the CPU fan error on my Asus?

How do I get rid of the CPU fan error on my Asus?

In BIOS, go to the Fan control section not the monitoring section. The CPU fan headers should be listed – should show “CPU Q-FAN Control – Enabled or Disabled”, Enable that setting. Then you will see the setting below that is “CPU Fan Speed Low Limit”, set that to Ignore.

How do I fix a CPU fan error?

How to Fix a CPU Fan Error

  1. Move your computer.
  2. Stop overclocking.
  3. Keep your computer cool.
  4. Clean the CPU fans.
  5. Check your CPU fan.
  6. Check your CPU fan’s location.
  7. Try an alternate CPU fan header.
  8. Check the CPU fan’s settings in BIOS.

Why does it say error CPU fan error in post?

When you see the error message “CPU FAN Error” in POST, it means the system doesn’t detect the FAN. You can refer to the steps below to resolve the issue. 2. Ensure that the CPU FAN cable is securely installed to the CPU_FAN connector instead of the CHA_FAN.

Why does my computer say CPU fan error Press F1 to continue?

In a situation where the CPU cooling system is working, but a “CPU Fan Error Press F1 to Resume” error occurs the cause may be in a slow cooler rotation which usually happens because of too much dust accumulated. Remove the fan (together with the radiator) from the CPU and gently clean it from the dust.

Can CPU run without fan?

No, you cannot use a CPU without a cooler. A CPU without a cooler will overheat and eventually fail. The heatsink and fan are essential because a CPU generates heat when it’s running.

What will happen if CPU fan fails?

CPUs with dead fans will overheat. Computers usually have built-in safe guards to shut down or slow down the CPU when it gets too hot to prevent it from breaking. However, if the computer’s safeguards fail or don’t kick in fast enough the CPU can get above its maximum operating temperature and literally burn out.

Does ASUS have Fan Control software?

ASUS AI Cooling function will automatically manage and control motherboard-connected fans to ensure optimal settings based on current system load and temperature.

What happens when CPU fan fails?

Can a laptop run without a CPU fan?

It can operate w/o fan, but it will start to smoke within minutes and it will be fried. It will also shut down without warning. It does not necessarily need a fan, but it does need a heatsink to keep from overheating.

How do I test my CPU fan on my laptop?

Turn your computer on. Depending on the type of laptop, you should be able to tell where a cooling fan is located and where it blows the hot air out. Place your ear up to that point in the body of your laptop and listen for a fan. If it is running, you should be able to hear it.

Can CPU work without fan?