How do I register my business with the city of Detroit?

How do I register my business with the city of Detroit?

For a list of businesses that need licenses, visit the B&SE website. Apply for the license at the Business License Center, Room 105, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226. The Business License Application is also available for printing on the B&SE website at

How do I become a certified minority business in Michigan?

Getting Certified

  1. Attend a mandatory MMSDC Pre-Certification Briefing to obtain access to the online application.
  2. Review certification criteria below to ensure that your business qualifies.
  3. Complete the online application.
  4. Gather and upload the required documentation.
  5. Submit application fee online using a credit card.

How do I start a business in Detroit?

How to Start a Business in Michigan

  1. Develop an idea.
  2. Do the research.
  3. Draft a business plan.
  4. Secure funding.
  5. Decide on a legal business entity.
  6. Register your business.
  7. Acquire federal and state tax IDs.
  8. Open business banking and credit accounts.

Where do I register my business name in Michigan?

If your business is a sole proprietorship or general partnership, called a co-partnership in Michigan, register your business name with the county clerk’s office. There are two types of name registrations at the county level: assumed name and co-partnership name.

What is Nmsdc certification?

Minority-Owned Businesses Certification The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) is an organization that is committed to integrating Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) equally in the public and private sector. This organization provides MBE certification for minority-owned businesses.

Do I need a Michigan business license?

Do You Need a Business License in Michigan? While Michigan does not require a single, general business operating license for companies doing business in the state, many businesses must obtain at least one kind of business license or permit from the state before conducting business.

How do I register my small business in Michigan?

Here are six things you must do to register your business in the State of Michigan.

  1. Obtain a FEIN.
  2. Register the assumed business name with the County Clerk.
  3. Obtain UIA Number.
  4. Obtain a Sales Tax License.
  5. Register your business with the Michigan Department of Treasury.
  6. Obtain all necessary permits.

Is a business license required in Michigan?

What is the benefit of MBE certification?

The benefits of MBE Certification really boil down to one word: access. Certification gives MBEs exclusive access to top corporate purchasing agents, premium networking events, searchable supplier databases, affordable consulting services, technology programs, and vital introductions to nationally known corporations.

How do I join the Nmsdc?

Membership Process

  1. Submission of corporate member application.
  2. NMSDC review and approval of application.
  3. Invoice and payment of applicable membership dues.
  4. Membership onboarding: Systems access credentials; onboarding webinar; WaterCoolerChat; Affiliate Council and Engagement Ambassador introduction.

How much is a Michigan business license?

Fees range from $7 to $3,000, but typically run around $150. These are usually payable in person with a credit card or cash. Remember that Michigan business licenses must be renewed annually.