How do I save my bathroom counter space?

How do I save my bathroom counter space?

  1. Mount a Towel Rack. Use vertical space to help clear out space in your bathroom cabinets or linen closet.
  2. Add Storage to the Medicine Cabinet.
  3. Hang Basket Shelves.
  4. Separate Bathroom Storage Items.
  5. Designate a Cleaning Supply Cabinet.
  6. Use Adhesive Hooks for Tools.
  7. Hang an Organizer in the Bathroom.
  8. Mount Magnetic Strips.

How do I add storage to my bathroom vanity?

16 Ways to Add Hidden Storage in Your Bathroom

  1. Turn False Drawers into a Tip-Out Tray. Photo via @rokhardware.
  2. Add Toe-Kick Drawers.
  3. Build a Pull-Out Drawer.
  4. Opt for Full-Length Vanity Drawers.
  5. Install Hidden Double Drawers.
  6. Hide Drawers Below Overhanging Counters.
  7. Go with an Over-the-Door Shelf.
  8. Take Advantage of Cabinet Doors.

What do you do with wasted bathroom space?

Let us show you a few creative ways in which you can add storage to your bathroom while avoiding getting a cluttered room.

  1. A window box-style wall fixture. View in gallery.
  2. Wall shelves.
  3. Tall, vertical cabinets.
  4. Above the door.
  5. Hidden shelves.
  6. A nook by the tub.
  7. A re-purposed cabinet.
  8. Pull-out vertical storage.

How do I make my bathroom minimalist?

The basics:

  1. Empty all the (moveable) contents out of the bathroom.
  2. Go through your daily routine, and put back only those items you use on an everyday basis.
  3. Create ample storage.
  4. Keep surfaces clear.
  5. Keep it clean.
  6. Paint the walls white (or a very light color).
  7. Replace old-fashioned fixtures with modern ones.

How can I organize my vanity without drawers?

Keep reading to discover 17 alluring ways to organize a bathroom without drawers and cabinets.

  1. Mount baskets to the wall to organize your bathroom products.
  2. Hang a medicine cabinet.
  3. Store bathroom supplies in a rolling cart.
  4. Add a side table to your bathroom.
  5. Store bathroom essentials in cutlery caddies.

How do I fill the space in my large bathroom?

Easily make your large bathroom feel cozy by doing these six things.

  1. Add corner cabinets.
  2. Incorporate color.
  3. Include bathroom furniture.
  4. Perfect your lighting.
  5. Shy away from modern elements.
  6. Strategically place bathroom rugs.

How do you secure an over the toilet cabinet?

For a secure fit into wall studs, mount the unit with 2- to 3-inch wood screws. If you’re hanging your storage unit on drywall without studs, use heavy-duty drywall anchors rather than screws to secure your cabinet.

What do you put on a small bathroom counter?

What do you put on a small bathroom counter? If your bathroom counter is small, for good organization, it’s important to edit what you put there as it’s very easy to overcrowd the space. Soap is a must and if it’s in bar form, a porcelain dish will help keep the countertop mess-free as well as looking elegant.

What does a minimalist bathroom look like?

Minimalist bathrooms typically have more neutral colors such as black, white, or gray. Wood accents are also a common addition. A minimalist bathroom is a refreshing change of pace for anyone who doesn’t want to have their minimal space cluttered but still wants it to be aesthetically pleasing.

How do you hide things in plain sight?

Hiding in Plain Sight: 6 Sneaky Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe

  1. Reuse empty bottles and jars.
  2. Hide in feminine hygiene boxes.
  3. Use a tennis ball.
  4. Wear your valuables.
  5. Stuff it in a towel.
  6. Think beyond the glove box and trunk.

Where do thieves look for money in your house?

Bedroom closet A thief might rummage through your entire closet—pockets and all—looking for cash or other valuables.

What do you do if your bathroom doesn’t have drawers?

How can I put unused space in my house?

  1. Get in every nook and cranny.
  2. Utilize underused rooms.
  3. Double up with a dual-purpose guest bedroom.
  4. The backyard is her domain with a she shed.
  5. The backyard is her domain with a she shed.
  6. Making open spaces cohesive.
  7. Opening up more.
  8. Making room for additional storage.

What is a decent size bathroom?

An average sized bathroom is anywhere between 36-40 square feet for an apartment or small home. This size is the general size as it encompasses both ¾ baths as well as full baths, giving you just about enough room for a shower, a bath, a sink and a toilet.

What is a bathroom space saver?

This bathroom space saver features sturdy construction, and its finish ensures that it will match and accent any existing decor. It is a free-standing furniture piece, which conveniently fits over standard toilet tanks and adds easy storage for roll paper and other bathroom necessities.

How much does an over the toilet space saver weigh?

This Space Saver 25″ W x 64″ H Over-the-Toilet is a perfect solution to a lack of storage space in your bathroom. It features two large doors with magnet closure and an open shelf to put away towels, linens, and small toiletries. Shutter style doors add a classic twist. Overall Product Weight: 53.9lb.

How can I save space in my bathroom?

When trying to save space in the bathroom, don’t forget that vertical space is your friend. You might consider purchasing a tiered storage shelf similar to the one above to triple the amount of storage within one small area of counter space. Found at Happiness Is Homemade. 5. Above The Door Shelf

What is a space saver cabinet used for?

This space saver cabinet is a clever, cottage styled choice to add to any area of your home in need of storage. The free-standing design allows for optimal use of vertical space, while the full-extension drawer and cabinetry provide a spacious place to hideaway necessities like towels or cleaning supplies.