How do you dissolve resazurin?

How do you dissolve resazurin?

Prepare Resazurin stock solution (100x) by dissolving 0.50 g Resazurin sodium salt into 100 ml 1x PBS. Prepare working solution for Resazurin by 1:100 dilution of the prepared stock solution using 1x PBS.

What is resazurin sodium salt?

Overview. Resazurin (7-hydroxy-10-oxidophenoxazin-10-ium-3-one, sodium) is a blue fluorogenic dye used as a redox indicator in cell viability and proliferation assays for bacteria, yeast or mammalian cells.

What is the color of resazurin when it is reduced?

Active bacterial metabolism reduces resazurin irreversibly to a pink, fluorescent product called resorufin. As a result, a color change from blue to pink is representative of the presence of viable cells.

How do you store resazurin?

Resazurin solution should be stored at –20°C in the dark for long term storage. Thaw Resazurin solution completely and mix thoroughly before use. The product is stable for at least 10 freeze-thaw cycles. It can be stored at 4°C in the dark for up to 12 months.

How does resazurin assay work?

The resazurin assay protocol is based on the reduction of oxidized non-fluorescent blue resazurin to a red fluorescent dye (resorufin) by the mitochondrial respiratory chain in live cells. The amount of resorufin produced is directly proportional to the number of living cells.

What is resazurin reduction assay?

The resazurin reduction (RR) assay, known as the alamarBlue or CellTiter-Blue assay, is frequently used to determine cell viability/proliferation capacity in eukaryotic cells. Whether this assay is applicable to assess viability in multicellular spheroids has not been evaluated.

What is the function of resazurin?

Resazurin is used to measure the amount of aerobic respiration in streams. Since most aerobic respiration occurs in the stream bed, the conversion of resazurin to resorufin is also a measure of the amount of exchange between the water column and the stream bed.

What is the role of resazurin in fluid thioglycollate medium?

In Fluid Thioglycollate Medium with indicator, resazurin is an oxidation-reduction indicator, being pink when oxidized (as oxygen is absorbed into the medium) and colorless when reduced.

What is the purpose of adding resazurin indicator in fluid thioglycollate broth?

Casein peptone and cystine supply nitrogenous and carbon compounds, while the sodium chloride maintains osmotic equilibrium. Resazurin is added as an oxidation-reduction indicator which turns pink when increased oxidation occurs. Yeast extract supplies B-complex vitamins and enhances the growth of microorganisms.

What does resazurin detect in milk?

Resazurin gives milk a characteristic blue colour and the test is based on the ability of bacteria in the milk to reduce the blue dye.

How do you calculate cell viability from absorbance?

The average absorbance values of wells without cells are subtracted from the absorbance values of wells with cells. Then, the percentage of cell viability is calculated using the following equation: % Viability = Mean O D sample Mean O D blank × 100 .

What does a resazurin test measure?

The resazurin reduction test is a rapid, inexpensive, and objective test for determining excessive microbial contamination in foods. This test has been used to assess microbial spoilage of ground beef and sliced raw and cooked meats.

What color is resazurin in the presence and absence of oxygen?

A particularly useful redox color indicator is resazurin in water. This redox indicator is colorless in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen but in an oxygen-containing atmosphere it has a pink color.

What is the role of resazurin in fluid?

What is the working principle of resazurin test?

How do you test for resazurin?


  1. Milk the sample thoroughly by inverting from one to another container.
  2. Pour 10 ml.
  3. Add quickly 1 ml.
  4. Mix the milk and dye thoroughly by inverting 2-3 times.
  5. Place the tubes in the water bath at the temperature of 37.5 0 C only for two minutes.
  6. The tubes are then removed from the water bath.

Does higher absorbance mean higher cell viability?

The insoluble formazan crystals are dissolved using a solubilization solution and the resulting colored solution is quantified by measuring absorbance at 500-600 nanometers using a multi-well spectrophotometer. The darker the solution, the greater the number of viable, metabolically active cells.

What is the function of the resazurin?

What is the role of resazurin in fluid Thioglycollate Medium?

Is resazurin available commercially as sodium salt?

Usually, resazurin is available commercially as the sodium salt . Resazurin is reduced to resorufin by aerobic respiration of metabolically active cells, and it can be used as an indicator of cell viability.

Is resazurin useful in cytotoxicity determination?

It is also useful in sperm viability and semen quality test. Resazurin is applicable in cytotoxicity determination. Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others.

Is resazurin to resorufin reversible?

The irreversible reaction of resazurin to resorufin is proportional to aerobic respiration. Reduction of resazurin to resorufin, and reversible reduction of resorufin to dihydroresorufin. Resazurin is effectively reduced in mitochondria, making it useful also to assess mitochondrial metabolic activity.

Can resazurin be used as a fluorogenic oxidation reduction indicator?

The non-fluorescent resazurin can be used as a fluorogenic oxidation-reduction indicator in a variety of cells, including bacteria, yeast and eukaryotes by flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy and high-throughput screening.