How do you get the Doomtrain card in ff8?

How do you get the Doomtrain card in ff8?

Doomtrain is obtained from the Queen of Cards quest. It becomes available in the Timber pub manager’s hand after losing Alexander to the Queen of Cards and sending her to Dollet where she gives the card to her son and her father creates the Doomtrain card that appears in Timber.

How do you get a girlfriend Alexander in ff8?

Alexander is drawn from Edea in Galbadia Garden or, if missed, from Catoblepas in the final dungeon. If missed on both opportunities, Alexander cannot be obtained in that playthrough. Obtaining Alexander in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Alexander.

How do you get the Solomon ring in Final Fantasy 8?

The ring is located within Tears’ Point at the foot of the statue of a woman with a harp. The player can gain multiple Solomon Rings by playing Chocobo World.

What do I need for Doomtrain?

The player must have the Solomon Ring and at least 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Remedy+, and 6 Malboro Tentacles. The player can find hints on obtaining Doomtrain in a magazine called Occult Fan. Once all the items have been collected, Doomtrain will join when Solomon’s Ring is used in the inventory.

How do I get my girlfriend to Doomtrain?

You will need the Med LV Up ability, which is learned from Alexander, a GF that is drawn from Edea during her boss fight at Galbadia Garden. You will need ten Remedies to make one Remedy+, as a result, you will need sixty Remedies for the purposes of acquiring Doomtrain.

Where can I buy Marlboro tentacles?

Predictably, you obtain Malboro Tentacles from Malboros. These are dangerous high-level monsters that can be found on the world map near Esthar. They can also be found on the dangerous Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell. While Malboros will drop Malboro Tentacles anyway, you can also Mug them to acquire even more.

Is siren missable ff8?

Siren. The first missable GF. This GF is held by one of the bosses during the Dollet SeeD Exam mission – the flying beast Elvoret, that blows Biggs and Wedge away.

How do you get a Tonberry King girlfriend in ff8?

In order to make the Tonberry King appear you will need to kill 20 regular Tonberrys. Each Tonberry has around 20,000 HP so it takes quite a lot of firepower to bring one down. Make sure you have some powerful attacks lined up by making sure that you have some good magic junctioned to your Attack stats.

Where can I farm Marlboros in ff8?

Malboro is a monster in Final Fantasy VIII fought on the Great Plains of Esthar before Lunar Cry, in Grandidi Forest, and on the Island Closest to Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell. The earliest it is possible to encounter a Malboro is in Esthar’s Grandidi Forest area, which can be reached via chocobo.

What does occult fan do ff8?

Occult Fan (オカルトファン, Okaruto Fan?) is a magazine in Final Fantasy VIII with four issues to collect. They provide information about the UFO? sidequest, as well as the Guardian Force Doomtrain. It is not necessary to read the magazines to obtain the Doomtrain or to do the UFO?

How do you get a girlfriend siren in FF8?

Siren can be drawn from Elvoret, the boss fought atop the Dollet Radio Tower during the SeeD field exam. If the player misses Siren, they can draw her from Tri-Point in the final dungeon. If the player fails to draw her from both bosses, Siren is permanently missed.