How do you make French flashcards?

How do you make French flashcards?

Now, let me give you precise directions on how to make flashcards to study French.

  1. 1 – You Must Always Write Noun + Article on a French Flashcard.
  2. 2 – Write The Particularity of the French Word on Your Flashcard.
  3. 3 – Write French Vocabulary Associated With That Word.
  4. 4 – Use the Word in a Sentence on Your French Flashcard.

What is flashcards in French?

noun. (for teaching) fiche f (support pédagogique)

Is Brainscape French Good?

Brainscape is best for students who want to learn conversational French fast and appreciate flashcard based learning.

How do I make flashcards in Word?

What to Know

  1. In Word, open a new blank document. Choose the Layout tab. Select Layout > Orientation > Landscape.
  2. In Layout > Size, choose 4″ x 6″. Type what you want the card to say. Press Ctrl+Enter to generate a new card.
  3. Go to the Design tab to add a theme, color, or effects to the flashcard.

Is Brainscape worth the money?

The product overall is a decent product. I am a huge advocate for free apps to use in the classroom and this is free. However, there are in-app purchases which can become costly. The design of the app is appealing and it is beneficial to the learner that they can access their flashcards among multiple platforms.

Do you have to pay for Brainscape?

As an individual user, you can easily sign up for Brainscape for FREE, and can create and study unlimited flashcards without ever paying a dime. You can even share flashcards you created with your students or classmates, and they won’t have to pay either.

Is French difficult?

French is relatively easy to learn but it does take some time and effort. As French is closely related to English, I have to agree with the Foreign Language Institute that says that French belongs to the easiest group of languages to learn for English speakers. Having so much common vocabulary helps a lot!

Is there an app to make your own flashcards?

AnkiApp is a simple, multi-platform flashcards app. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Linux. Anki App lets you make your own flashcards, on any device.

Which is better Anki or Brainscape?

Lastly, Anki wins on price. It’s free for most systems (and $25 on iOS), whereas Brainscape pricing goes from $9.99/mo up to $79.99 for lifetime. For me it’s a pretty easy call to just spend the $80 and have it forever, and their pricing is certainly affordable, but Anki is certainly lower priced.

How do you use Brainscape for free?

Is Anki better than Brainscape?