How do you remove old gland packing?

How do you remove old gland packing?

The easiest way to remove old stern gland packing without removing the prop shaft is to use a long, thin, coarse-threaded woodscrew. Screw this as far as it will go into the packing, and you should be able to remove all the layers at once.

When should I replace packing box stuffing?

In a powerboat used regularly, the shaft packing should be replaced at least every other year. Sailboats may not need to have the packing replaced for five years or more, but when the stuffing box starts requiring frequent adjustment or if it begins to feel warm, it’s time.

How do you remove a main engine stuffing box?

Overhaul inside the engine is carried out in the same way as outside the engine.

  1. Mount two eye bolts in the stuffing box flange, and hook on two tackles.
  2. Remove the O-ring of the stuffing box.
  3. Take out the six bolts, and pull away one stuffing box half.
  4. Using a feeler gauge, measure the vertical clearance of the rings.

How do you remove valve packing?

Removing the pack:

  1. Open the gland follower dog bolts & open the gland follower.
  2. Remove the packing rings using packing tools, without scratching the shaft.
  3. If there is a lantern ring, remove this with a piece of wire bent into a hook.
  4. Make sure all packing scraps have been removed.

What is the purpose of stuffing box in main engine?

In diesel engines , stuffing box is found in the bore for the piston rod in the bottom of the scavenge air box. The stuffing box prevents the entry of lubricating oil from the crankcase into the scavenge air space. It also prevents the leaking of air from scavenge space to the crankcase.

What is the purpose of a stuffing box?

A stuffing box or gland package is an assembly which is used to house a gland seal. It is used to prevent leakage of fluid, such as water or steam, between sliding or turning parts of machine elements.

How do you change a valve packing gland?

To install new packing, follow these steps:

  1. Apply synthetic assembly lube to the replacement packing.
  2. Wrap the packing around the shaft sleeve.
  3. Stagger the ring joints.
  4. Use a blunt tool to lightly tap each packing ring in place.
  5. Reinstall the gland adjustor and hand-tighten the gland nuts.
  6. Reinstall the SFT guard.

How do you Tuck stuffing into a box?

Tamp it evenly with a small dowel or a blunt screwdriver to push it all the way to the bottom of the box. Push a second ring into the stuffing box on top of the first one, staggering the joint about 120 degrees. Add a third layer, then a fourth, each time staggering the joint.

How do you remove flax from stuffing box?

Even a sheet rock screw can be used to remove flax but in tight spaces it’s nice to have a couple of bends in your flax removal tool. In this photo I left about an inch between the male end of the stuffing box and the female nut.

How do you remove the stuffing box on a boat?

If the stuffing box is above a deep bilge, tie a retaining line to the wrenches before you start. With your wrenches on both nuts, hold the adjusting nut and turn the locknut clockwise to release it. Back this nut off a couple of turns.

Does your stuffing box need servicing?

If your stuffing box leaks more than 8 or 10 drops a minute, it needs servicing. Tightening the stuffing box nut a half turn is all that is required to reduce the leak, but the location of the stuffing box can render this job far more difficult than it should be. Access can be especially challenging in boats with V-drives and in sailboats.