How do you tension a Liveryman clipper?

How do you tension a Liveryman clipper?

With the blades attached, turn the clippers on with the power button on top of the handpiece. Loosen the bottom ‘locking nut’ Loosen the top ‘tensioning nut’ until the sound of the clippers becomes higher pitched. At this point, turn the top ‘tensioning nut’ one full turn in a clockwise direction.

Why is my clipper not working?

All mains clippers have an overload switch which is usually situated towards to back of the machine. If your machine has stopped working, it’s always best to check this hasn’t popped out first. If it has, use a match stick (or similar) to push the switch back in and see if this rectifies the problem.

How tight should clipper blades be?

Tighten the blades until they ‘bite’ (a bit like getting a clutch in a car to bite) then take it back half a turn.

What does the screw on the side of Clippers do?

Step 3: Use the screwdriver to turn the power screw (on the side of the clipper) clockwise until it makes a loud noise. Step 4: Once it makes a noise, make a half turn counterclockwise (your clipper should no longer make the loud noise). Your clipper should now be be at full power and ready to cut through anything.

What is the plastic screw on the side of the Wahl clippers?

If your Wahl hair clipper pulls hair or simply doesn’t cut it, you can correct the problem by adjusting the power screw, probably located on the side of the clipper. Turn on the clippers. Turn the screw slowly clockwise until you hear a “clattering” noise.

What is a Liveryman No 10 blade?

The Liveryman No 10 narrow blade is a snap on type blade which fits the Liveryman Harmony, Harmony Plus and other machines that have the snap on blade system. For example – Lister Libretto, Heiniger Saphir, Liveryman Bruno, Oster, Andis. This blade cuts to approximately 1.5mm depth.

What are the best equestrian Clippers?

Liveryman has been a leader in specialist equestrian clippers for nearly 30 years. The brand offers both the novice and professional user a range of clippers, trimmers and accessories that are high quality, reliable and designed with the user in mind.

What is the liveryman harmony plus Trimmer?

The Liveryman Harmony Plus is categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper and is the perfect machine for nervous or young horses. This trimmer is ideal for trimming horses in delicate & sensitive areas and for clipping nervous/ difficult horses *To add the battery pack to your order, please view the related products below*

Are your Clippers made in the UK?

All our clippers are designed, developed and tested in the UK. We take the time to quality check every batch of clippers, trimmers or blades to ensure our customers receive the best quality possible with every purchase.