How do you travel from Hong Kong to Macau?

How do you travel from Hong Kong to Macau?

We suggest that you travel to Macau by ferry, which is the most convenient and economical.

  1. By ferry (most recommended): It takes about 1 hour by boat from Hong Kong to Macau.
  2. By bridge (a new and comfortable way): Take the bus over the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge from Hong Kong port to Macau in just 40 minutes.

How long is the boat ride from Hong Kong to Macau?

around 1 hour
The Hong Kong Macau ferry route connects Hong Kong with Macau and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Cotai Water Jet service runs up to 32 times per day with a sailing duration of around 1 hour while the TurboJet service runs up to 3 times per day with a duration from 1 hour.

Is Macau Open for tourist?

Macau Residents, Residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan region (from Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan) are allowed entry to Macau. Non-Macao nationals are not allowed to enter Macau. There is no date for the lift of the ban on blue card holders or foreign tourists.

Do I need a visa for Macau?

Do I Need a Visa for Macau? Travelers from the US may enter Macau up to 30 days without a visa, but depending on the length of stay, a visa may be necessary. Travelers entering on a business or tourist visa can apply within the country to stay for a longer period of time.

Can you travel from Hong Kong to Macau without a visa?

Mainland China Mainland Chinese visitors to Macau are required to hold a Two-way Permit. The duration of stay is the one indicated on the exit endorsement, but if the duration indicated is longer than 90 days, the person must report to PSPF for a “special authorization of stay” within the first 90 days of entry.

Can you drive to Macau from Hong Kong?

Yes, the driving distance between Hong Kong to Macau is 82 km. It takes approximately 1h 1m to drive from Hong Kong to Macau.

Is there a road from Hong Kong to Macau?

The HZMB links three major cities—Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau—which are geographically close but separated by water. With the bridge in place, travelling time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong was cut down from about 4 hours to 30 minutes on the road.

Who can enter Macao?

Effective June 05, 2021, all arriving passengers (Macau Residents) must have proof of three (3) Negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test (RT-PCR) within seven (7) days (each at least 24hrs apart) and the third test must not exceed 72 hours before boarding.

Is there a bridge that connects Hong Kong to Macau?

The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (HZMB) is a 55-kilometre (34 mi) bridge–tunnel system consisting of a series of three cable-stayed bridges, an undersea tunnel, and four artificial islands. It is both the longest sea crossing and the longest open-sea fixed link in the world.

Can tourists enter Macau now?

Why Macau is the next Hong Kong?

If Hong Kong is iconic, Macau is next level! The glitz, glamour, and gambling are pretty much the reasons why you need to explore the hub of luxury and entertainment on your next holiday.

Is the Hong Kong to Macau crossing open 24 hours?

This crossing is open 24 hours. There are shuttle buses going from Hong Kong to Macau at all hours, they cost 65 HKD normally (70 HKD at night: 12-6 AM). The buses take around 45 minutes. In Hong Kong, there are direct shuttle buses starting from Hong Kong Airport, Tsim Sha Tsui and Central to Macau via the bridge.

What is the best way to tour Macau?

3. HOP-ON HOP-OFF TOUR BUS: If you don’t want to go through the hassle of figuring out which bus or route to take, or maybe you are traveling with seniors or kids, a pretty convenient way to tour Macau is by riding the Macau hop-on hop-off bus. This sightseeing bus will take you to the main tourist attractions in Macau, with 16 bus stops.

Why do tourists going to Macau need to go through immigration?

Finally, after 400 years of Portuguese colonial rule, Macau became a Special Administrative Region of China, an autonomous territory just like Hong Kong, that has its own economic and political system, currency and immigration policies. This is why tourists going to and leaving Macau need to go through immigration, even those from Hong Kong.