How do you use judicial in a sentence?

How do you use judicial in a sentence?

Judicial sentence example

  1. Each province has also its own judicial system.
  2. They were the king’s lieutenants for judicial and administrative purposes and were established in the 12th century, either by Alexander I.
  3. The judicial authorities requested a rescript from the emperor Aurelian for the decision of the cause.

What is judicial review law teacher?

Accountability means the checking, controlling or regulating in the case of judicial review, of government so that it is held to account in relation to the principles of administrative law. …

Why is judicial review important today?

Second, due to its power of judicial review, it plays an essential role in ensuring that each branch of government recognizes the limits of its own power. Third, it protects civil rights and liberties by striking down laws that violate the Constitution.

What’s an example of judicial power?

Judicial power can be used in many ways including these examples of judicial power: A judge hears an insurance fraud case. Based on precedent determined in a previous case in another court, the judge finds the defendant guilty. A robbery case is being heard in an appellate court.

What are the remedies of judicial review?

There are three possible remedies, which are available in judicial review proceedings: quashing orders, mandatory orders and prohibiting orders. Quashing orders are the most commonly sought after remedy, their effect is to quash or reject as invalid, unlawful administrative decisions.

How do you use judicial review in a sentence?

Judicial review in a Sentence 🔉

  1. During the judicial review, the judge considered all of the evidence that had been presented to the lower court judge.
  2. A judicial review was ordered so that the judge could be sure that the foreclosures were carried out legally.

In which article is judicial review?

“that the power of judicial review over legislative action vested in the High Courts under Article 226 and in the Supreme Court under Article 32 of the Constitution is an integral and essential feature of the Constitution, constituting part of its basic structure”.

What are the characteristics of judicial legislation?

Judicial legislation means new legal rules made by judges. It means the power of the judicature to make rules for the regulation of their own procedure by adopting their delegated legislative powers. Judicial legislation varies from precedent whereby judges create new laws.

Who can file judicial review?

According to section 18.1 of the Federal Courts Act, anyone directly affected by a decision or an order of a federal board, commission or other tribunal may apply to the Federal Court for judicial review within 30 days after the time the decision or order was first communicated to the applicant.