How fast is a Evo X?

How fast is a Evo X?

155 mph
It accelerates 0–62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.8 seconds (est.) and has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h).

What does SST stand for Evo?

Sport Shift Transmission
SST stands for Sport Shift Transmission; this new, compact, lightweight six-speed gearbox running a clutch on each gear-cluster shaft (one for odd gears, one for even), a brain ensuring that the correct gear is pre-selected in anticipation of your next shift.

Is the Evo X MR fast?

Launch control gets the Evo to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and through the quarter in 13.7, about the same as every other Evo X MR we’ve tested.

How much HP can a Evo X handle?

The stock engine block can safely handle around 450-500 whp with the right tune.

How much HP can a SST handle?

The SST gearbox, however, is the weakest link in the Evo X’s impressive list of capabilities, only able to handle up to 400 HP before the clutch packs begin to slip. So it’s obvious those shooting for big power go for the manual.

How does Mitsubishi SST work?

The SST uses two wet clutches, which will switch from one to the other, when the trans shifts to the next gear. While one is engaged, the other will stay disengaged and select the next gear. When the unit changes gear, one clutch will disengage while the other, with the preselected gear, engages.

What is Mitsubishi SST transmission?

Twin Clutch SST (Sport- or Sportronic Shift Transmission) is the brand name of a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, developed by Getrag for Mitsubishi Motors.

Where can I get my SST Evox gearbox repaired?

If you are in New Zealand, send your gearbox to Dodson Motorsports in Auckland, they are the best and cheapest in NZ for fixing SST EvoX transmission issues.

Should the Evo get a power increase?

A power increase for the evo is LONG overdue. While typical sedans have drastically increased h.p over the past decade the evo has basically stayed the same. It needs a big jump in power for its performance to be considered impressive by todays standards.

Is the Evo X MR a good track car?

The EVO X is by the better performing track car and when you look at pretty much every other result besides that one at (VIR) you\\’d understand that a Mustang GT, 2011 or not doesn\\’t stand a chance in hell against the EVO X MR unless you’re just talking about a ¼ mile drag race.

Why does my Evox get out of alignment so easily?

After a track day with your EvoX, the sensors easily get out of alignment from a difference in oil viscosity, a difference in clutch wear, or some of the metal shavings moving away from the magnets that the sensors use to detect the position of the forks.