How long does it take to become an air traffic controller UK?

How long does it take to become an air traffic controller UK?

Once you qualify, you could work anywhere in the UK. Initial training takes up to 1 year and further training may continue while working. You may also be considered for training if you have relevant aviation experience as a military air traffic controller, or military or commercial pilot.

Are air traffic controllers in demand UK?

But by 2030, we’re expecting another 1.5 million flights in UK airspace, and in order to meet that future demand, we’re looking more controllers to come and join us.

Do you need to be good at maths for air traffic control?

Previous experience in aviation is not necessary to be an air traffic controller but you will need excellent maths skills, especially in the areas of space and time to safely manage the flow of aircraft.

Is Nats a private company?

NATS is a public private partnership between the Airline Group, which holds 42%, NATS staff who hold 5%, UK airport operator LHR Airports Limited with 4%, and the Government which holds 49% (the golden share).

Is being an air traffic controller worth it?

Air traffic controllers may experience financial stability due to the salary of the job. The average salary of an air traffic controller is $53,823 per year , although more experience can contribute to higher pay. Air traffic controllers also get flight discounts, which can contribute to money saved in the long term.

What does NATS stand for?


Acronym Definition
NATS National Air Traffic Services
NATS Nissan anti Theft System
NATS National Air Transportation System (US FAA)
NATS Naval Air Transport Service

How are NATS funded?

As such, NATS became highly reliant on Government grants for investment purposes. Although grants peaked in 1993 at £130 million, it was widely recognised that NATS was unable to adequately fund the investment required to keep pace with industry growth.

Can air traffic controllers have ADHD?

One of the main requirements of becoming an air traffic controller is having a clean bill of health. If you suffer from ailments such as epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, or mental disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, etc.) you may be disqualified from reaching certification as an air traffic controller.

Do air traffic controllers retire early?

A high-pressure role. It is not surprising that air traffic controllers have to retire early. The job requires excellent concentration and decision making, the ability to multi-task, good memory and visual skills.