How long does it take to drive through West Midlands Safari Park?

How long does it take to drive through West Midlands Safari Park?

two hours
The Safari Drive-through generally takes at least two hours to drive around. This can be longer during busy periods.

Can you go to West Midlands Safari Park without a car?

Yes, you can, but you will need to be in a vehicle to travel around the Safari Drive-through. If you don’t have your own car, you can book onto a Guided Minibus Tour. Seats are an extra £7.00 per person and you can book seats online in advance when booking admission tickets.

What is the winter Safari at WMSP?

Take a drive on the wild side this winter, by heading to West Midland Safari Park. Their four mile self-drive safari is open on weekends until 10th February, that means that you don’t have to wait until summer to see all their amazing animals.

Will my car get damaged at West Midlands Safari Park?

Incidents are not frequent, we do not have monkeys here at the Park, and therefore it is extremely unlikely that anything will damage your vehicle. But please be aware that we do keep the animals as wild as possible, so you do enter the Safari Drive-through at your own risk.

How long do people stay at West Midlands Safari Park?

The Safari takes roughly 1hr 30 minutes – 2 hours to drive around, but can take longer on busier days such as in school holidays or on Bank Holidays.

Does your car get damaged at West Midlands Safari Park?

Does Safari Park damage your car?

Yes they’ll damage your car. At longleat we saw them ripping all the trims off, brand badges, all sorts. We went through in our old car but I wouldn’t do it with our new one.

Is West Midlands Safari park good in winter?

Very well organised winter ride around the park. Interesting and on paying at the booth “go round as many times as you want to today Sir” we didn’t have enough time really but it was great and we saw many animals very close up.

Can you smoke at Safari Park?

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a smoke-free facility.

Can you go safari park in the rain?

Whatever the weather, you can enjoy the drive-through safari. Get amazingly close to the animals, all from the comfort of your own car. Some of the animals even enjoy the rain. You might spot the rhinos having a wallow in the mud, or the monkeys having a play in the rain!

Can you drive around West Midlands Safari Park more than once?

Yes, you can drive around the Safari as many times as you wish. Please check the opening and closing times of the Safari before you visit – Click Here.

Can you go Safari Park in the rain?

Do cars get scratched at safari park?

Can you smoke at safari park?

Is the Safari Park open when it rains?

San Diego Safari Park is open 365 days a week. Rain or shine.

Can you vape in Holiday World?

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari are smoke-free parks. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes and similar devices) is only permitted in specially designated Smoking Areas located throughout the parks.