How many full album does SNSD have?

How many full album does SNSD have?

nine studio albums
South Korea-based girl group Girls’ Generation have released nine studio albums (four of which were reissued under different titles), two live albums, four extended plays (EPs), and twenty-eight singles.

Who wrote SNSD Run Devil?

Kanata Nakamura
Run Devil Run/Lyricists

Where is Taeyeon now?

On television, Taeyeon appeared as a main cast on the reality shows We Got Married (2009), Begin Again (2019), and is currently serving as a main host for Amazing Saturday (2020–present). She is set to host Queendom 2 from March 31, 2022.

How many songs ITZY release?

South Korean girl group Itzy have released one studio album, one compilation album, six extended plays, and two single albums….

Itzy discography
Compilation albums 1
EPs 6
Singles 7
Single albums 2

Who is on the cover of Run Devil Run SNSD?

member Yoona
The cover art features member Yoona, with the physical album coming with one out of nine random member posters.

Is Run Devil Run a remake?

“Run Devil Run” is a song by South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. The original Korean version was released on March 17, 2010, as a single from Run Devil Run (2010), the reissue of their 2010 studio album Oh!….Run Devil Run (Girls’ Generation song)

“Run Devil Run”
Genre Electropop
Length 3:21
Label S.M. Entertainment, Nayutawave

Who is the main visual of SNSD?


Name Position(s) Years active
Hyoyeon (효연) Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist 2007–present
Yuri (유리) Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist 2007–present
Sooyoung (수영) Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist 2007–present
Yoona (윤아) Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual, Center 2007–present

Who has the most lines in ITZY not shy?

ITZY’s “Not Shy” had Yeji as the member with the most lines at 23.8%, followed by Yuna (21.4%), Chaeryeong (19.7%), Lia (19.4%), and Ryujin at 15.8%.

Who gets the most lines in ITZY?

An In-Depth Look At The Line Distributions For All 9 Songs On ITZY’s “Crazy In Love” Album

  • 2. “ Swipe” Most lines: Lia (25.5%) 2nd: Chaeryeong (20.8%) 3rd: Ryujin (20%)
  • 3. “ Sooo Lucky” Most lines: Lia (25%) 2nd: Chaeryeong (21.1%)
  • 4. “# Twenty” Most lines: Yeji (23.2%) 2nd: Ryujin & Chaeryeong (20.2%)