How many missions are in Wolfenstein the new order?

How many missions are in Wolfenstein the new order?

Wolfenstein: The New Order consists of 16 chapters of varying lengths and complexities. For a complete walkthrough of Wolfenstein, look at our guide below, broken down by chapter.

How long is Wolfenstein the New Order gameplay?

If you only want to experience The New Order’s compelling main narrative, then you can finish it in around 11-12 hours. However, you may want to spend some time unlocking perks to make your run through the story more enjoyable. And doing so can add some extra time to your playthrough, making it last about 16 hours.

What can you do in Wolfenstein the new order?


  • Wolfenstein: The New Order is an action-adventure and first-person shooter video game played from a first-person perspective.
  • Players use melee attacks, firearms, and explosives to fight enemies, and may run, jump, and occasionally swim to navigate through the locations.

Who should you save in Wolfenstein the new order?

Save Fergus to gain a fiery outspoken and experienced companion. During the opening mission in the game, Fergus will lose his right arm. Cet helps attach a new, mechanical one that has a mind of its own. Fergus proves to be a competitive leader when Grace Walker comes aboard.

What order should I play the Wolfenstein games in?

Every Wolfenstein Game In Chronological Order

  1. 1 Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot (2019)
  2. 2 Wolfenstein: Youngblood (2019)
  3. 3 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (2017)
  4. 4 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2015)
  5. 5 Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014)
  6. 6 Wolfenstein (2009)
  7. 7 Wolfenstein RPG (2008)
  8. 8 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (2003)

Why is Wolfenstein new order so big?

It’s the texture system used by idtech5. It uses a huge mega texture for all the levels which is why you wont see repeating textures. It needs a lot of compression though so looks a bit grainy close up. Well over 30GB of the files are textures.

Does it matter who you choose in Wolfenstein?

Fergus or Wyatt? Whoever you choose to live will change what upgrades you can get and who will be with you on some of the missions. The end result is ultimately the same either way. Fergus – Fergus will get you the health upgrade and he will join you on some missions.

Does it matter who you save in Wolfenstein?

Gameplay-wise there is no major difference between picking Wyatt or Fergus. Fergus is an angry Scot full of piss and vinegar who demands you to save him. But he won’t hold it against you if you let him die. In fact, he probably prefers it.

Should I play the old blood before the new colossus?

You need to play The New Order but not really the Old Blood. New Colossus is a direct sequel and the whole team you see there was assembled in TNO.

Are Wolfenstein and Doom in the same universe?

Wolfenstein RPG is set in an alternate timeline, which is mostly light-hearted and humorous, and serves as prequel to the Doom series.

Which Wolfenstein do I start with?

New Order starts right where Old Blood ends. Old Blood was released long after New Order, so many people played NO first. Well, if you want the ENTIRE play order: Spear of Destiny and its Mission Packs.

Does Wolfenstein: The New Order have a good story?

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a good game with a good story, good characters, good music, good gunplay, and a good-looking sequel coming this spring. For those reasons and doubtless many more, it’s a good time to replay Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Can you play Wolfenstein stealth?

In Wolfenstein: The New Order you can’t go your entire play-through using stealth. This isn’t Bethesda’s Dishonored, not by a long-shot. But the game does give you the ability to use stealth throughout much of its 13 or 14 hour campaign.

How do I navigate the walkthrough for Wolfenstein?

Welcome one, welcome all, to our walkthrough for Wolfenstein. You can navigate the walkthrough by clicking on the desired link below. To start at the beginning of the mission, you’ll naturally want to seek out the first part of the walkthrough for any given section.

Is there a walkthrough for Wolfenstein 3D?

Wolfenstein 3D is a run-and-gun shooter, so a walkthrough in the most traditional sense is in most cases entirely unnecessary. However, pages with information on individual levels may be found from their respective Episodes’ pages.

Is there a strategy guide for Wolfenstein The Old Blood?

IGN’s Wolfenstein: The Old Blood complete strategy guide and walkthrough will lead you through every step of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood from the title screen to the final credits, including every collectible location, boss strategy and more. Chapter 4 – Escape! Was this guide helpful?

Where can I find a walkthrough of the collectibles in Wolfenstein?

For a walkthrough of the collectibles in Wolfenstein, check out the Collectibles section by chapter.