How many seats does a Boeing 777-200 have?

How many seats does a Boeing 777-200 have?


Length 63.7m
Standard seating capacity 236 or 312
Cruising speed 905km/h
Maximum take-off weight 294.8t
Range 14,040km or 13,100km

Does Boeing 777-200 have lie flat seats?

A premier experience for the long haul *Flagship® Business is only available on aircraft with lie-flat seats: Boeing 777-200, 777-300, 787-8 and 787-9; and Airbus A321T.

Does United 777-200 have TV?

Thankfully, the in-flight entertainment options in United 777-200 business class are exactly the same as they are on any other internationally-configured aircraft in the United fleet. You’ll get a massive video screen with loads of movies, TV shows, and audio selections.

What is the difference between Boeing 777-300 and 777 200?

Although their air-frame measurements such as wingspan, wheel track and tailplane are the same, the major difference is the fuselage length. Being significantly longer in the fuselage, the Boeing 777 300 outstretches its sister, the 777 200, by 10 metres, comparatively adding a far greater passenger capacity.

What is a Boeing 777-200?

The Boeing 777-200 is a long range, twin aisle, twin-engine jet manufactured by Boeing, the American aerospace company. We operate these aircraft on longhaul routes to North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australasia, the Far East, Middle East and Gulf destinations.

What does it cost to fly an Airbus 777-300ER?

Air France has a 777-300ER sub-fleet with 472 seats each, more than any other international 777, to achieve a cost per available seat kilometer (CASK) around €.05, similar to Level ’s 314-seat Airbus A330-200, its benchmark for low-cost, long-haul.

How many Boeing 777-200ER does American Airlines have?

American Airlines Fleet Boeing 777-200ER Details and Pictures. American Airlines operates 47 aircrafts Boeing 777-200/ER. This aircraft is used primarily on long-haul international services in addition to a few domestic routes. The year of the first flight of Boeing 777-200/ER is 1994.

What is the fleet data number for a Boeing 777-200ER?

Boeing 777-200ER American Airlines Fleet Data and Registration Number Reg Aircraft N775AN Boeing 777-223 (ER) N774AN Boeing 777-223 (ER) N779AN Boeing 777-223 (ER) N772AN Boeing 777-223 (ER)