How many Triple Seven pellets should I use?

How many Triple Seven pellets should I use?

Five (5) Pellets operate at slightly higher velocities (30—90 fps), depending on components that three (3) Triple Seven Pellets, but at slightly lower pressures. Wherever muzzleloader manufacturers recommend three (3) Triple Seven Pellets, four (4) or five (5) FireStar Pellets should be safe to use.

How many grains are in a Triple 7 pellet?

Triple Seven 50/50 pellets are 50-caliber, 50-grain pellets designed for use in 50-caliber, in-line rifles.

What is the difference between Pyrodex Pellets and Triple 7 pellets?

Triple seven burns much hotter than pyro. It is recommended by many experts to never shoot 150 grains of triple seven while you can with pyrodex, that tells me that they are not close to equivalent. And if you did shoot 150 of triple seven and 150 of pyrodex you wwould surely not get a higher velocity with pyrodex.

Can you use Triple 7 pellets in a muzzleloader?

Triple 7 pellets provide the modern muzzleloader fast, easy loading with instant ignition. 50 grain equivalent charge. Use with in-line muzzleloaders using 209 primers.

What is Hodgdon Triple 7 powder used for?

Product Details. A granulated muzzleloading propellant that cleans up with water alone, Triple 7® Powder by Hodgdon® contains no sulfur. Triple 7 FF works with shotguns and rifles . 45 caliber and larger while the smaller grained FFF works with pistols and rifles .

Is Triple Seven a black powder substitute?

Substitutes: Two of the many black powder substitutes are Pyrodex and Triple Seven. Both are available in granulated and pellet form.

What is the cleanest burning muzzleloader pellets?

Easy loading IMR™ White Hots . 50 caliber Pellets burn hot and burn clean for incredible range, speed, accuracy and bone-crushing power with no fouling. Hands down, IMR™ White Hots are the best muzzleloading propellant on the market.

Does blackhorn 209 come in pellets?

Is Blackhorn 209 offered in pellet form? No. There are currently no plans to offer Blackhorn 209 in pellet form. Charge tubes specifically designed for Blackhorn are available that can be pre-loaded by the user and are more convenient than using pellets.

Why can’t I find blackhorn 209 powder?

Blackhorn 209 has been hard to find for many modern muzzleloaders for some time now, but it looks like Hodgdon is ready to re-release the product in early spring 2021. Hello John, we plan to continue offering Blackhorn 209 Powder. When we took over Western Powders all Blackhorn 209 for 2020 had already been shipped.