How many varieties of hosta plants are there?

How many varieties of hosta plants are there?

There are 70 species of hostas and over 3,000 registered varieties, so you have lots to choose from. Though they do bloom, they are grown primarily for their beautiful foliage which adds interesting texture and color to the garden all season long.

What is a Francee hosta?

‘Francee’ is generally considered to be one of the best of the white-margined hostas. It is a sport of H. ‘Fortunei Albomarginata’. It typically matures in a dense, arching mound to 21″ tall and to 36″ wide. Heart-shaped, dark green leaves (to 8″ long) have narrow white margins.

What does a guacamole hosta look like?

Hosta ‘Guacamole’ is an aptly named rich green, large-leaved variety with chartreuse centers (the color of freshly sliced avocado) edged with a wide, dark green margin. The large, fragrant, pale lavender to white flowers of ‘Guacamole’ add spice late in the season.

Which hosta is most colorful?

‘Frances Williams’ is one of the most popular hostas of all time — and for good reason. This large variegated hosta has huge (12-inch) heart-shaped leaves with a puckered texture and prominent veins.

What is the largest variety of hosta?

Shadowland® ‘Empress Wu’ Hosta

  • The largest hosta, reaching over 6 feet wide!
  • Massive blue-green foliage.
  • Leathery texture is resistant to slug damage.
  • Soft violet flowers in midsummer.
  • Zones 3-9, part sun/shade, 4′ tall x 6′ wide at maturity.

How big do guacamole hostas get?

‘Guacamole’ is a medium hosta with leaves the color of guacamole. It is a sport of H. ‘Fragrant Bouquet’. It grows in a mound to 18″ tall but spreads over time to as much as 50″ wide.

Can guacamole hostas take full sun?

Other examples of rugose-type hostas for sun include Hosta ‘Sum and Substance,’ ‘Guacamole’ and ‘Stained Glass. ‘ Many of the Hosta fortunei hybrids and sports also have rugose leaves, including ‘Fortunei Hyacinthina’ and ‘Fortunei Aureomarginata. ‘

What hosta grows the biggest?

What is the fastest growing hosta?

Faster growing hostas include Empress Wu, Sum and Substance, Vulcan, Island Breeze and Royal Wedding. Growers should note that hostas that have not yet been vernalized often appear different than more mature plants that have undergone a cold treatment.

What hosta has the biggest leaf?

Can Patriot hosta take full sun?

Culture Notes. Hostas prefer a location in light to open shade, although ‘Patriot’ will tolerate full sun with adequate moisture. Plant it in a location with rich moist to well-drained soils. Most hostas will tolerate sandy sites as well as clay.

How tall do patriot hostas grow?

12-20″ tall
‘Patriot’ is a hosta cultivar that features a 12-20″ tall mound of large, variegated, oval, basal leaves (to 7″ long) which have deep green centers and wide irregular white margins. A sport of the long popular H. ‘Francee’. Foliage mound will typically spread to 24-30″ wide.

Does guacamole hosta like sun?

Guacamole Hosta develops its best color when grown in full sun. Plants grown in mild climates can generally handle full sun all day, while those in hot climates should be limited to full sun in the morning only.