How much do NBA refs make per game?

How much do NBA refs make per game?

The average income of an NBA referee may range between $180,000 and $550,000 per year. The average NBA referee income might reach $10,000 per NBA game in the first several rounds of the playoffs. The remuneration of NBA referees also increases to match.

Who is refereeing today NBA?

NBA Referee Assignments

Game Crew Chief Referee
Boston @ Golden State Marc Davis (#8) Tony Brothers (#25)

Which NBA refs call the most fouls?

Jacyn Goble
NBA Ref Stats | Game-by-Game Data & Odds in Excel

1 Jacyn Goble 45.75
2 Mitchell Ervin 49.5
3 JB DeRosa 44.333
4 Justin Van Duyne 42

How are NBA refs assigned?

NBA Finals officials were selected by the NBA Referee Operations management team based on their performance throughout the first three rounds of the 2022 playoffs. Officials were evaluated after each round to determine advancement in this year’s postseason.

Who is the best ref in NBA?

NBA personnel don’t generally praise game officials, but when pressed to do so, they spoke glowingly of Danny Crawford and Joey Crawford in a poll by the Los Angeles Times’ Broderick Turner.

Do the referees travel with the teams?

While the NFL will cover their travel expenses, refs usually have to make their own travel arrangements and do not travel with the NFL players. Refs tend to arrive at their destination the day before the game.

What sport pays refs the most?

The NBA referees are the highest paid professional match officials in the world. The season begins in October and finals are being played in June. NBA referees earn a good salary package, making more money than any other match officials.

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Jenna Schroeder

NBA Experience 2nd season
Born September 27, 1985 (Flint, Mich.)
Resides Detroit, Mich.
High School Clio (Clio, Mich.)
College Saginaw Valley State University ’09