How much do subs make a day in Hawaii?

How much do subs make a day in Hawaii?

Substitutes range in experience and level of education obtained, from those who only have a high school diploma to those with a Hawaii teacher’s license, and they are paid accordingly — from $157.02 to $184.66 per day, rates set by the Hawaii Legislature based on the DOE teacher salary schedule.

How do you become a sub in Hawaii?

Those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher (no teacher training) will need to complete a Substitute Teacher Certification program. All substitute teacher certifications are valid for five (5) years and may be obtained using one of the following programs: The Department’s Community School for Adults (CSA)

What does Sasa stand for DOE?

Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs (SASA) is a division of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) of the U.S. Department of Education (ED) that administers programs of financial assistance to State and local education agencies (LEA) and to colleges and universities.

Do substitute teachers get health insurance Hawaii?

Yes. Both plan options under the EUTF plans for part-time and temporary employees qualify as minimum essential coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act.

What is Hawaiian Satep?


How long is Stedi training?

8 Hours of Instruction Our training is very specific, relevant, applicable, and practical. The guesswork of classroom behavior has been removed.

What does OSS mean in school?

EXPULSION, OUT-OF-SCHOOL SUSPENSION, OR OSS. Page 1. EXPULSION, OUT-OF-SCHOOL SUSPENSION, OR OSS. A school may want to remove a child from school for breaking certain rules, disrupting class, or causing danger. A school will call this punishment expulsion, out-of-school suspension, or OSS.

How does substitute teaching work in Hawaii?

Class I – If you have no bachelor’s degree –you must complete a 30-hour substitute teacher course, online. You will be issued a certificate that is valid for five years, at which time you must complete a re-certification course, which makes your substitute teaching certificate valid for another five years.

What does Stedi stand for?

Founded as the Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University in 1995, provides research-based training materials and services designed to improve student achievement when students are taught by a substitute teacher and to assist those who manage substitute teachers.

How many questions are on the Stedi?

Thank you for taking the Specialists Training Course at We have reviewed strategies to help you manage and teach students. In this assessment, we will test you on what you learned. This assessment has 20 questions and a 40 minute timer.

Do subs actually teach?

Since substitute teachers often teach a wide range of grade levels, you will likely take assignments with elementary schools, junior high schools, middle schools and high schools if you want a significant number of work hours.

Is substitute teaching difficult?

Substitute teaching is a very challenging job—even full-time teachers will admit that. It’s near impossible to walk into a room full of strangers and expect they’ll respect you, listen to you, and behave nicely!

What is Hawaiʻi tax online?

Hawaiʻi Tax Online is the convenient and secure way to get a State Tax Identification Number (BB-1), file tax returns, make payments, manage your accounts, and conduct other common transactions online with the Hawaiʻi Department of Taxation. See a full list of all available functions on the site.

What is tseas (teacher substitute employee automated system)?

The Department uses a digital accounting system — The Teacher-Substitute Employee Automated System (TSEAS) — for schools to report, update and/or cancel teacher absences, which send automatic notifications to registered substitutes to alert them of work opportunities. SmartFindExpress system​​​​

How much does it cost to file taxes in Hawaii?

Filing taxes and making debit payments through this system is free. On September 3, 2019, changes to Hawaii Tax Online were made to include new features and enhancements and added support for all taxes administered by DOTAX.

What is the Tax Review Commission in Hawaii?

Tax Review Commission. Every five years a State Tax Review Commission conducts a systematic review of Hawaii’s tax structure, using standards such as equity and efficiency. The most recent TRC dissolved at the adjournment of the 2018 legislative session. The next TRC will be appointed in 2020 and present its report to the 2022 legislative session.