How much does it cost to play golf in Hong Kong?

How much does it cost to play golf in Hong Kong?

Fees & Charges

Green Fee
Regular (Non-HKID Card Holder) Weekdays Weekends/ Public Holidays
East Course (18 holes) $ 1,180 $ 1,510
South/North Course (18 holes) $ 1,080 $ 1,410
South Course (9 holes) $ 610 $ 790

How much is American club membership in HK?

The American Club membership details: They even have a “reverse membership” option, which allows you to enjoy the Tai Tam venue on weekdays and the Central venue on weekends (at a reduced fee). If you’re an American citizen, an American Individual Membership is HK$438,000, with monthly fees of HK$2,815.

Is golf expensive in Hong Kong?

It’s certainly not cheap to play at any of the golf courses in Hong Kong, but we do recommend playing at least one of the three courses at Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course, the course has spectacular views and makes for one memorable day out.

How much is membership at Aberdeen Marina Club?

Aberdeen Marina Club

Membership Type 1st Hand Price Transfer Fee
Corporate 1 $4,800,000 $1,580,000
Corporate 2 closed $3,160,000
Individual $4,800,000 $1,580,000

Where can I learn golf in Hong Kong?

Nearby Golf Courses

  • The Hong Kong Golf Club.
  • Shek O Country Club.
  • Discovery Bay Country Club.
  • Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau.

Can you play golf in Hong Kong?

There’s only six golf courses in Hong Kong, or rather six golf clubs and ten golf courses which is not a lot for a city with a population of seven million people.

Is it difficult to get into Soho House?

To maintain just the right vibe, Soho House only accepts new members periodically, racking up waitlists that are reportedly tens of thousands of people long.

How do I join the Pacific club?

To begin the membership process, you must have a sponsor who is an active member of the Club that will assist you with your nomination form. The membership process takes approximately two months to complete once your nomination form is received.

What is member club?

Membership club means an organization, whether incorporated or not, which is the owner, lessee, or occupant of a building or portion thereof used exclusively for club purposes at all times, which is operated solely for a recreational, fraternal, social, patriotic, political, benevolent, or athletic purpose, but not for …

How much does it cost to join the Hong Kong Cricket Club?

It currently has 13,600 members. Joining fee: HK$91,800 (US$11,800) for ordinary single membership; HK$137,700 for ordinary married couple membership; HK$1.88 million for individual debenture membership; HK$2.25 million for corporate nominee membership. 3. Hong Kong Cricket Club

Which is the most exclusive private golf club in Hong Kong?

In terms of its second-hand membership price and new membership vacancies, the Hong Kong Golf Club is the most exclusive private club in Hong Kong. How hotels in Thailand’s top tourist spots are pushing back against Airbnb 31 Aug 2018 Full membership costs about HK$17 million and new applications are closed at the moment.

What do I need to register to play golf in Hong Kong?

Produce HKID or passport and handicap certificate (issued by all recognized Golf Clubs and Golf Associations) at the time of registration. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted on the course. Children aged 6 to 11 to be accompanied by a player aged 18 or over.

Why play golf at the Hong Kong Golf Club?

Founded in 1889, The Hong Kong Golf Club is one of the most historic golf clubs in Asia. The Club is celebrating its 130 years in 2019; and hence we are offering Hong Kong residents (aged 16 and over) a special HK$130 green fee rate (complimentary green fee for those with aged 21 or below on date of play) on selected days this summer.