How successful is AC joint surgery?

How successful is AC joint surgery?

What are the results of AC joint surgery? Most patients get excellent pain relief with this operation, and nearly 95 percent return to their preinjury level of activity and sports. There are few complications and most patients are very satisfied with the result.

Do AC joint injuries need surgery?

While conservative treatment is often used first for AC joint injuries, surgery may be required for injuries that are more severe or those that cause prolonged pain.

How long does AC joint surgery take?

Distractions such as reading, watching television, chatting with visitors, or talking on the telephone can also help. Reconstructive shoulder surgery typically takes about two hours. Torn ligaments need to be sewn together and your collarbone may need to be repositioned in the AC joint.

How long do you wear a sling after AC joint surgery?

You will need to wear your sling for four weeks after keyhole surgery, but must wear the sling for 6 weeks after open repair (to allow your deltoid muscle to heal) . You may take down any bulky padded dressings on day 3 after surgery, but keep the waterproof dressings on for 12 days.

How do you sleep after AC joint surgery?

Here are some tips for sleeping after shoulder surgery.

  1. Sleep on an Incline. Do not sleep flat on your back.
  2. Wear your sling. Wearing your sling during the day helps keep your arm in the proper position but also provides protection.
  3. Use a pillow prop.
  4. Time your medications.
  5. Ice before bed.

When can you drive after AC joint surgery?

Driving – t is likely to be six weeks before you are ready for this. Overall 90% of patients will feel their shoulder is much better after AC joint stabilisation, although for some it may take several months to maximise their benefit.

What can I expect after AC joint surgery?

Recovery and Rehabilitation after Arthroscopic AC Joint Repair. All patients will be expected to wear a sling for numerous weeks to protect the arm and keep it immobile following surgery. Physical therapy focused on shoulder range of motion will begin shortly after AC joint repair or AC revision surgery.

What can you not do after AC joint surgery?

Avoid direct palpation and mobilization on incisions/portals for 4 weeks. DO NOT lift any objects over 5 pounds with the surgical arm for the first 6 weeks. AVOID EXCESSIVE reaching and external/internal rotation for the first 6 weeks.

What is a Grade 5 AC joint separation?

Grade 5—Involves tearing of the joint covering (capsule) and ligaments connecting the shoulder blade (scapula) and collar bone (clavicle), and the end of the collar bone (clavicle) tears through the muscle covering (fascia) above it. Results in a large, permanent bump over the top of the shoulder at the AC joint.

Can I drive while wearing a sling?

The bottom line is that, if you need to be in a sling, you cannot drive. It isn’t safe, especially if you encounter any surprises on the road.

Does Grade 3 AC separation require surgery?

Most people do well without surgery. The severe injury (Grade 3) can be treated either nonoperatively or operatively. Non-operative treatment involves immobilisation in a sling for two to three weeks followed by a course of physiotherapy.

Can you drive with a plaster cast on your hand?

Can I drive with the plaster cast? The plaster cast can affect your driving ability. It is not advisable to drive with a plaster cast on your lower body or on your left arm. With the right arm, you cannot drive if the cast involves your elbow or any of your fingers and thumb.

Is it illegal to drive in a cast?

The general consensus is that it is unsafe to drive whilst wearing a cast or splint for the treatment of a musculoskeletal condition. A grey area mentioned by a few papers is the question about driving an automatic transmission car with the unused leg in a cast.