Is Berijam Lake Worth Visiting?

Is Berijam Lake Worth Visiting?

It is a good place to visit for everyone, kids, couples, friends, etc. Overall the lake is very pleasant and soothing.

Is Berijam lake open now?

Location: Berijam Lake is located in Berijam Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. Timings: The Lake is open for visitors from 9 Am in the morning to 3 Pm in the evening. Entry fee: There is no entry fee to enter into the lake.

How to get permission to visit Berijam lake?

Permision has to be obtained from forest department officer, Kodaikanal. They are allowing public from 9.30 a.m. and to be returned before 3.00 pm. Tour operators are charging inclusive of entry fee. Only limited vehicles are permitted every day.

How to reach Berijam lake?

Located about 23 km away from the Kodai bus stand, Berijam Lake is one the most popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal. The lake with its refreshing setting and lush greenery around makes for an amazing picnic spot. Reaching the lake is not a difficult task as it is connected by a well-tarred road.

Is Kodaikanal Lake open today?

– Location: ‎It is located in Dindigul district of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and is 3 km from the Kodaikanal bus stand. – Timings: You can visit this lake between 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. Although entries are open all day long but evening time is more favourable.

Is E-pass mandatory for Kodaikanal?

Although the government has cancelled the e-pass system for intra-state and inter-state travels, it has made e-pass a mandatory requirement for visitors to popular tourist destinations, such as Nilgiris, Kodaikanal, Ooty, and Yercaud.

Is Kodaikanal Lake artificial?

The Kodaikanal lake is a manmade lake Yes, you heard that right. It was built in 1863 by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, a collector of Madurai, which means the lake is more than 150 years old! He had a vision of promoting the place as a tourism spot and hence constructed the lake at his own expense.

Is Epass required for Kodaikanal 2021?

This resulted in the epass being reintroduced in Tamil Nadu in the beginning of March 2021 when inter state travel necessitated epass. While this was brought to action they also made Epass For Kodaikanal was also made mandatory, with Kodaikanal being a tourist spot.

Can we visit Kodaikanal now?

Kodaikanal Hills is now open for tourists, but one will need a valid e-pass from the respective district administration to visit there. The hill station usually attracts tons of visitors every year from around the country, but had to remain closed for 5.5 months in the wake of Coronavirus lockdown.

Can we visit Kodaikanal now from Kerala?

Vehicles from Kerala entering Kodaikanal should have e-pass, which has been made mandatory by the government. The persons travelling and checking in hotels, resorts and private bungalows in the hill stations should ensure the COVID-19 protocol.

Is E-Pass required for Kodaikanal today?

Yes, for those traveling to Kodaikanal epass required.

Is E pass mandatory for Kodaikanal?

Is E Pass required for Kodaikanal now?

E-Pass Kodaikanal. The Government of Tamil Nadu has made ‘e-Pass’ compulsory for all domestic and international travelers entering Tamil Nadu from all States/Union Territories. With the sudden surge in coronavirus cases, the state has taken several measures to curb the spread of infection.

Which is more beautiful Kodaikanal or Munnar?

Kodaikanal is better if you visit Berijam lake and poondi village. If you have a 4×4 shall hit top station which will lead you to munnar. Munnar is also good but because of low altitude MUNNAR IS NOT SO CHILL like Kodaikanal or Ooty.