Is Eureka Seven Ao a sequel to Eureka Seven?

Is Eureka Seven Ao a sequel to Eureka Seven?

This is a list of episodes of Eureka Seven: AO, the sequel to Eureka Seven. The anime began airing on April 12, 2012, and ended on November 20, 2012. There is a total of 24 episodes.

What happens in Eureka Seven Ao?

In the final scenes, Ao decides to shoot the Quartz Gun at the Secrets, effectively erasing the Secrets existence from history and leaving behind a world where the Scub would arrive and co-exist with humanity in the near future, as according in the Eureka Seven timeline.

What year does Eureka Seven take place?

year 12005
The setting of Eureka Seven takes place in the year 12005 and its’ been 10,000 years after humanity has made a mass exodus into space, due to the arrival of the Scub Coral, an intelligent, sentient life who merged with the planet, forcing the humans to abandon it.

How many episodes does Eureka 7 have?

50Eureka Seven / Number of episodes

Does Eureka Seven have a happy ending?

After their kiss, after the seventh swell that engraved their very love onto the moon, the second eye opened revealing a coralian eye. Through Renton and Eureka’s love the Nirvash became whole, became part human and part coralian. The very act of giving it all up made the Nirvash able to become the control cluster.

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What is the main idea of Eureka Seven AO?

In Eureka Seven: AO revolves around Ao who realizes that idealism can’t solve everything but giving up those ideals is worse than struggling to limit in order to try and make them happen. Eureka Seven: AO shows that happy ending are not guaranted; Renton and Eureka have lost a daughter, which causes them to lose their idealism.

Is there a sequel to Eureka Seven?

On December 22, 2011, Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine announced that a sequel manga titled Eureka Seven: AO would be launched in their January 26 issue. Yūichi Katō began drawing the manga based on the original story by BONES.

Who was involved in the Eureka Seven project?

The E7 forums are proud to be home to the blogs of three people who were involved in the Eureka Seven project! We have the english voice actor Patrick Seitz who dubbed the character Charles Beams, we have Imarya Kashari who was involved with the project at Bandai in Japan, and we have Adrian who helped with limited animation.

What makes Tomonori Sugihara’s Eureka Seven novelization so special?

From Exciting scenes of Renton heading out in the Nirvash to save a town from a military onslaught to the dramatic clash of wills between Renton and Holland, Tomonori Sugihara’s Eureka Seven novelization is both gritty and engaging. But what really sets the mood is the full-bodied and subtly textured art of Robin Kishiwada’s insert illustrations.