Is Ewa Beach a good area?

Is Ewa Beach a good area?

Ewa Beach is now a sprawling suburb of Honolulu, making it a desirable place for young families to live. It is one of the only communities on where you can find new homes in Oahu for a reasonable price by Hawai’i’s standards. Single-family homes in the area come with 3-4 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms.

Can you swim in Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach Park (see more photos) is the main beach in the residential community of the same name – Ewa Beach. The five-acre park is fronted by a narrow sandy beach. It is a popular swimming and picnicking location among local residents.

Why is Ewa Beach important?

Ewa Beach is significant for its association with Ewa Sugar Plantation. Throughout the twentieth century, it played a very influential role in Hawaii’s culture, economy, and politics. Along much of the South Shore of Oʻahu, ʻEwa is a reference to the direction of ʻEwa Beach, roughly westwards along the shore.

What does Ewa Beach mean in Hawaiian?

‘Ewa means “crooked” in Hawaiian, which comes from the ancient myth that the gods Kane and Kanaloa threw a rock to determine the boundaries of the island, but they lost it and found it much later at Pili o Kahe beach.

How do you pronounce Ewa Beach?

Ewa. Pronounced “Eh-va,” as “w” is often replaced with the “v” noise in the Hawaiian language. Those unfamiliar with the Oahu district may call it “Ee-wa,” which can hurt the ears of Ewa residents.

Can you surf at Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach offers surf spots with really long stand up experience, which is quite refreshing compared to some quick bowl action spots.

What is Ewa known for?

In addition to being known for producing high-quality awa (milkfish or mullet), ‘Ewa’s fishponds were also famed for deep-sea fish such as akule (scad varieties), as attested to by the name of one its fishponds (Ka-pa-akule, or “the-akule-enclosure”) in Honouliuli.

Is Ewa Beach Leeward?

AdvertisementEwa Beach is located on Oahu’s leeward coast (near the southwestern tip of the island), about 20 miles (32 km) west of downtown Honolulu.

How is Ewa Beach pronounced?

What nationality is the name Ewa?

Ewa is a feminine given name, the Polish counterpart of English Eve or Latin Eva.

How big are the waves in Ewa Beach?

2-3 ft
Surf Conditions are 2-3 ft and sideshore choppy right now in Ewa Beach, Oahu.

Is White Plains beach good for surfing?

This beach is clean, well patrolled, good for beginner surfing.

Do Hawaiians like tourists?

Generally, most locals are happy to see the tourists come and see what life means for them, especially those activities that depict a life many have never seen, learned, or experienced. People Live here. In the end, what locals want is tourists to have an approach to leaving Hawaii better than they found it.

What does Ewa mean in English?

Interjection. ewa. (slang) An informal greeting, similar to yo.

What is being built in Ewa Beach?

EWA BEACH, Hawaii (KHON2) — Construction has begun for a waterfront playground at Hoakalei Resort in Ewa Beach in West Oahu. Are you ready for hurricane season, find local resources and preparation advice here. The LineUp at Wai Kai consists of a LookOut Bar and Restaurant, a man-made surfing wave and a lagoon.

Can you surf Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach Park in Oahu is an exposed reef break that has quite reliable surf and can work at any time of the year. The best wind direction is from the north northwest. Groundswells and windswells are equally likely and the ideal swell direction is from the south southeast. Reef breaks provide lefts and rights.

What to do in Ewa Beach?

– Good for Kids – Budget-friendly – Good for Couples – Good for Adrenaline Seekers – Hidden Gems – Free Entry – Adventurous – Good for Big Groups – Honeymoon spot – Good for a Rainy Day

How far is Ewa Beach from Waikiki?

How far is Waikiki from Ewa Beach,23 Mi – Distance from Ewa Beach to Waikiki,11 Mi – Flight distance between Ewa Beach and Waikiki

How far is Kapolei from Ewa Beach?

Kapolei is an unincorporated community in Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States on the island of Oahu. Kapolei is a second urban center for Oahu, second to Honolulu. Popularly called the Second City of Kapolei, it is not a legal municipal corporation and thus not properly a city. Kapolei sits on former sugarcane and pineapple fields.

What is Ewa Beach like?

Ewa Beach itself is beautiful. The riptide, however, is strong so this is a soak up the sun beach and not really a swimming beach. As well, close to Ewa Beach Park is a gun range so our afternoon visit was punctuated by the non-stop staccato sounds of gunfire. It wasn’t the most peaceful to say the least. Went on a Wednesday.