Is face to face still a band?

Is face to face still a band?

Face to Face officially split up in September 2004, allowing the band members time to focus on other projects. During that time all the band members played in a number of post-Face to Face projects including Legion of Doom, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Offspring and Saves the Day.

Did Billy Joel and Elton John tour together?

Beginning in 1994, Elton John toured extensively with Billy Joel on a series of Face to Face tours, making them the longest running and most successful concert tandem in pop music history.

What is the number 1 metal band?

1. Metallica. Metallica fans love to complain.

Who was more successful Billy Joel or Elton John?

The fact that John has more hits in the U.S., and he is British, means that John was more popular. Joel became quite popular in the U.S., and a little bit in other countries. However, John did a much better job at becoming a world-known musician. Overall, Billy Joel and Elton John are both great musicians.

Did the Descendents do drugs?

A: (Karl)- Descendents were around before the song “Straight Edge” so it’s really a moot point. The answer to the question is no, though Bill’s never done any drugs at all.

What are some classic punk bands from the UK?

A classic punk band from England. Swedish hardcore punk band who had close ties to influential hardcore punk band Refused . Classic English punk band known for their seminal albums “When The Punks Go Marching In” and the singles “Vicious Circle/Voice of Youth” and “Army Song”. !Action Pact! Aggressive English punk band.

Was the Ramones The first pop punk band?

In fact, you could argue that the Ramones, one of the first punk bands, was also one of the first pop punk bands. Many groups over the years have combined the propulsive sensibilities of punk with the bright sheen of pop.

Are the Buzzcocks The most influential pop punk band of all time?

The Buzzcocks are easily one of the most influential pop punk bands of all time, alongside Green Day and the Ramones. As a British band, their influence on the Manchester punk scene is unparalleled.

Is better luck next time a punk band?

A queercore punk band. In September 2006, Better Luck Next Time was chosen as 1 of 10 local bands out of 2,500 in Southern California given the chance to play KROQ-FM’s Inland Invasion, in which they placed 2nd. Instrumental in the development of noise rock.