Is Henchman 24 a ghost?

Is Henchman 24 a ghost?

It is revealed in Pinstripes & Poltergeists that 24 is actually a ghost who haunts 21, and is, at least partially, responsible for turning 21 into the leader of the henchmen.

Who voiced henchman 24?


Character Appearances
Season 6
Henchman 24 Voice
The Sovereign
Dr. Henry Killinger

Who voiced henchman 21?

Doc Hammer
She-Hulk Trailer Dropped – The Loop

Henchman 21
Voiced by Doc Hammer
Full name Gary Fischer
Aliases Henchman 21 Jet Girl Jake Cutter (on forged arching license ID card) Lovelorn General 21 Two-Ton 21 Viceroy Sphinx Commander Kano (vigilante alias)

Did Venture Bros get Cancelled?

As one of the longest running programs in Adult Swim history, it was devastating when “The Venture Bros.” was canceled in September of 2020 after 17 years and seven seasons on the late-night line-up.

Are rusty and Monarch related?

There, while waiting to insert him into the ritual, the Guild conducts a blood test on Rusty that reveals he and the Monarch are blood relatives.

How many times has Hank died?

Overall, Hank has killed 692 people through the series, which is more than all the other main characters have combined, and amounts to around 48% of the series’ total kills….

Hank J. Wimbleton
Role(s): Main Protagonist
Kills: 692 (105 non-canon)
Deaths: 8 (3 non-canon)
Allies: Sanford, Deimos, 2BDamned

Is Dr venture a clone?

That reveal is that Rusty Venture (James Urbaniak) is a clone. It’s a play on the big reveal from the beginning of Season 2, way back in what feels like the show’s infancy, that Rusty’s sons, Dean and Hank (Christopher McCulloch), are themselves clones created by Rusty.

Is Dermott Brock’s son?

Dermott for a while believed he was Brock’s son, unaware that he’s actually the son of Thaddeus Venture.

Who is Rusty a clone of?

What happens to Henchman 21 and 24?

Following the Monarch’s escape, he called Henchman 21 and 24, his last remaining henchmen, to refurbish the Cocoon and gather new henchmen, a task that they surprisingly fulfill. 21 and 24 recruit a group of thugs off of the street, whom eventually rebel against the Monarch and imprison 21, 24, and the Monarch in the holding cells.

What happened to Gary in Henchman 21?

Gary didn’t have to lift a finger to defeat Professor Vibrations, as the scientist spontaneously fell over dead with excitement at the chance to kill Gary. Despite his tragic history, Gary would come to enjoy the henchman lifestyle and rise through the ranks to become Henchman 21.

What is Henchman 21 real name on Venture Bros?

(Error Code: 101104) Henchman 21 (real name: Gary Fischer) is a henchman of The Monarch and a major recurring character on The Venture Bros. As confirmed by his fellow henchmen, he is actually Henchman 1 as of Season 4, due to becoming a competent fighter.

How does 24 die in 21st season?

Sadly, H.E.L.P.eR. takes the car and 24 (who is trapped in the car by his seat belt) is killed in a sudden explosion with his head landing in 21’s hands. As a result of 24’s death, 21 experiences an emotional breakdown and an identity crisis throughout the next two seasons as he attempts to cope with his traumatic loss.