Is it OK to spray paint a football helmet?

Is it OK to spray paint a football helmet?

Painting a football helmet is actually an easy thing to do if you follow the correct steps. Always use a spray painting mask and remember to apply the spray paint quickly and with short bursts – you don’t want to have to much paint on the surface as this will likely end up looking sloppy and uneven.

How much does it cost to get a football helmet repainted?

Repainting can also add to the cost. The average cost can range from $40 to well over $100 per helmet depending on the helmet and how it has been used and degraded since new or last refurbished.

What kind of paint should I use on a football helmet?

Enamel primers are fairly forgiving and are best for general uses. They can also be used under most lacquer spray paints, as long as you allow the enamel primer coat(s) to properly cure for at least a week.

Can a body shop paint a football helmet?

If you’re looking for a wild paint job on your custom trophy helmet, bring it on! In fact, you can have these painted at places like auto body shops or maybe even try it yourself.

Is it safe to paint a helmet?

Paint your design with water-based acrylic paints and brushes. These water-based paints are safe to use on helmets. Let each layer of paint dry before applying the next one so that every layer can properly bond to the surface of your helmet. This will help keep the paint from peeling off.

What paint do you use on a helmet?

The two best paints to use on your motorcycle helmet are spray paints and acrylic paints. Spray paints are great for achieving a more graffiti or urban look on your motorcycle helmet. Plus, they’re very affordable, and you can find whatever color you want at most hardware stores.

Does painting a football helmet void warranty?

Usage of non-compatible parts, polishes and/or cleaners will render the helmet shell unsafe for further use and will void warranties.

What paint can I use on my helmet?

What type of paint can be used on helmets?

How much does it cost to paint a helmet?

Pricing Information

Basic Helmet Paint Job $600.00+
Chrome or Gold Base $475.00+
Custom Name (On Each Side of Helmet) $50.00+
Motocross Numbers (On Each Side of Helmet) $100.00+
Flat (Matte) or Partial Flat Clear Coat $150.00+

How much does it cost to get helmet painted?

Do you have to sand a helmet before painting?

You’ll know it’s done when the clear is very hard and your helmet doesn’t smell like paint anymore. Lightly sand your whole helmet smooth with 400 grit sandpaper to remove any orange-peel texture. You’re not trying to go super deep here, just to smooth things out so your final coat will go down nice and smooth.