Is it possible to sort a doubly linked list?

Is it possible to sort a doubly linked list?

1) Create an empty sorted (or result) doubly linked list. 2) Traverse the given doubly linked list, and do the following for every node. a) Insert the current node in a sorted way in the sorted(or result) doubly linked list. 3) Change the head of the given linked list to the head of the sorted (or result) list.

Can you use quick sort on linked list?

QuickSort is an Optimal Sorting algorithm which can be used on arrays as well as on linked lists with little modification. In Arrays,it is an In-place sorting algorithm , it uses constant space and its Time complexity is O(NlogN) , where N is the number of nodes in the list.

How do I sort a linked list using QuickSort?

Table of Contents

  1. QuickSort on Singly Linked List.
  2. Segregate even and odd nodes in a Linked List.
  3. Program for n’th node from the end of a Linked List.
  4. Find the middle of a given linked list.
  5. Write a function that counts the number of times a given int occurs in a Linked List.
  6. Detect loop in a linked list.

What is the best sorting algorithm for doubly linked list?

What is the best sorting algorithm for a doubly linked list? Insertion sort and merge sort appears to the best due to the less overhead compared to the bubble/selection sort.

How do you sort nodes in doubly linked list?


  1. Define a node current which will point to head.
  2. Define another node index which will point to node next to current.
  3. Compare data of current and index node.
  4. Current will point to current.
  5. Continue this process till the entire list is sorted.

How do I combine two doubly linked lists?

Approach: Following are the steps:

  1. If head1 == NULL, return head2.
  2. If head2 == NULL, return head1.
  3. Let last1 and last2 be the last nodes of the two lists respectively.
  4. Get pointer to the node which will be the last node of the final list.
  5. Update last1.

Why Quicksort is not preferred for linked list?

Quick Sort requires a lot of access to different memory locations. To access ith index in a linked list, we have to travel each and every node from the head to ith node as we don’t have a continuous block of memory.

How do you make a Quicksort stable in a linked list?

1 Answer

  1. Use the head node as the pivot value. Detach it from the list.
  2. Enumerate the remainder of the list tacking nodes into one of two lists along the way.
  3. When finished, you have two lists and a lonesome pivot node all on its own.
  4. Once the recursion returns seek to the end of the left-side list.

How do you sort a linked list using bubble sort?

Given a singly linked list, sort it using bubble sort by swapping nodes….Approach:

  1. Get the Linked List to be sorted.
  2. Apply Bubble Sort to this linked list, in which, while comparing the two adjacent nodes, actual nodes are swapped instead of just swapping the data.
  3. Print the sorted list.

How do you sort elements of a doubly linked list?

How do I combine two AVL trees?

Do a merge sort of both trees into one merged array (concurrently iterate both trees). Build an AVL tree from the array – take the middle element to be the root, and apply recursively to left and right halves.

How do you sort a linked list?

Below is a simple insertion sort algorithm for a linked list. 1) Create an empty sorted (or result) list 2) Traverse the given list, do following for every node. ……a) Insert current node in sorted way in sorted or result list. 3) Change head of given linked list to head of sorted (or result) list.

Which sorting is best for linked list?

Merge sort
Merge sort is often preferred for sorting a linked list. The slow random-access performance of a linked list makes some other algorithms (such as quicksort) perform poorly, and others (such as heapsort) completely impossible.

How do you make a quicksort stable in a linked list?

Why is quicksort bad for linked lists?

In array it means additional space overhead, in the case if linked list, it is possible to pull value out and start merging nodes. The access is more sequential in nature. Because of this, the quicksort is not natural choice for linked list while merge sort takes great advantage.

Why quicksort is not preferred for linked list?