Is magubane from Emzini Wezinsizwa still alive?

Is magubane from Emzini Wezinsizwa still alive?

Shadrack Ngema aka “Magubane” Ngema passed away in December 2015 after suffering from a heart attack. He was not only a television actor but a voice over artist and an Ukhozi FM radio personality.

Is Jabulani Nkosi from Emzini Wezinsizwa still alive?

Apart from these great comedic actors that have died, the remaining Emzini Wezinsizwa actors who are still alive are said to be enjoying sound health. These include Vusi Thanda who played the role of Moses Tshawe, Jerry Phele who acted as Thabang Mofokeng and Jabulani Nkosi who was Benson Chirwali in the sitcom.

Is Tshawe an Emzini Wezinsizwa?

Vusi Thanda (born 12 September 1963) is a South African actor, best known for his role in the SABC 1 Sitcom Emzini Wezinsizwa as Tshawe. Vusi Thanda is of a Xhosa background, he was born in South Africa. Thanda was nominated in the Wall of Fame in 2017.

Is Mofokeng from Emzini Wezinsizwa?

Jerry Phele (born 1 July 1956) is a South African Sotho born actor who is most known for acting on Emzini Wezinsizwa as Mofokeng. He has also starred on other notable TV series such as Skwizas and The Throne.

Is shedrack Ngema still alive?

He is best known for playing the character Magubane on Emzini Wezinsizwa. He starred alongside Jerry Phele, Roland Mqwebu, Vusi Thanda and Jabulani Nkosi….

Shadrack Ngema
Died December 5, 2015 (aged 65) Durban
Occupation Actor sports commentator

How old is Jerry Phele?

65 years (July 1, 1956)Jerry Phele / Age

Where is Jabulani Nkosi?

City of Johannesburg, Gauteng
Jabulani Nkosi – City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | Professional Profile | LinkedIn.

Where is Jerry Phele from?

Free State, South AfricaJerry Phele / Place of birth

How old is Shadrack Ngema?

71 years (October 10, 1950)Shadrack Ngema / Age

Is Roland Mqwebu still alive?

August 28, 2015Roland Mqwebu / Date of death

Is Mkhize from Emzini Wezinsizwa still alive?

Roland Mqwebu (16 January 1941 – 28 August 2015) was a South African actor famous for his role as James Mkhize, an InDuna and mantshingelani (watchman) in the sitcom Emzini Wezinsizwa.

Who passed away from Emzini Wezinsizwa?

Pixley Shabangu, who created the hit comedy series for SABC -1 Emzini Wezinsizwa passed on over the weekend after a long illness. The news of his passing was confirmed by his son, Nkululeko Shabantu who said that his father succumbed to diabetes.

Where was Emzini Wezinsizwa shot?


Emzini Wezinsizwa
Production location Johannesburg & Mamelodi Hostels
Running time 30 minutes
Distributor South African Broadcasting Corporation

Who is Muziwakhe Shabangu?

Pixley Muziwakhe Shabangu, the creator of the 90’s the hit comedy series “Emzini Wezinsiwa”, passed away over the weekend. The news of his passing was confirmed by son, Nkululeko Shabangu. The 69-year-old died at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital after a long battle with diabetes.